Giro di Lombardia

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Giro di Lombardia
Giro di Lombardia logo.svg
Race details
Date Late September
Region Lombardy, Italy
English name Tour of Lombardy
Local name(s) Giro di Lombardia, Il Lombardia (Italian)
Nickname(s) La classica delle foglie morte (Italian)
Race of the Falling Leaves (English)
Discipline Road race
Competition UCI World Tour
Type One-day
Organiser RCS Sport
First edition 1905 (1905)
Editions 107 (as of 2013)
First winner  Giovanni Gerbi (ITA)
Most wins  Fausto Coppi (ITA) (5 wins)
Most recent  Joaquim Rodríguez (ESP)

The Giro di Lombardia (English: Tour of Lombardy) is a cycling race, in Lombardy, Italy. It is the last 'Monument' of the European calendar, and also one of the last events in the UCI World Tour, making it potentially decisive in that competition. Its nickname is "the classic of the dead (falling) leaves" (Italian: la classica delle foglie morte) because it takes place in the autumn.


The first edition was 1905. It was then called Milan-Milan. It gained its current name in 1907. The route has changed many times. Milan, Sesto San Giovanni, Bergamo, Varese, Monza, Como have been start or finish place. In 2004 the race started in Mendrisio in Switzerland, and ended in Como. The most famous obstacle is the Madonna del Ghisallo climb that appears in the latter part of the race. A shrine there has a small museum containing religious and cycling objects.

Fausto Coppi won a record five times. Frenchman Henri Pelissier and Irishman Sean Kelly are the only non-Italian riders to win the race three times. The most recent editions (2012 and 2013) were won by Joaquim Rodríguez.


The route has changed many times over the years, although the signature symbol of the race has remained the Como lake and the Ghisallo climb that starts near Bellagio and arrives at the church of Madonna del Ghisallo, the patron of cyclists. Milan, Monza, Como and Bergamo have all been traditional arrival cities of the race through the years. Since 2004, the arrival has returned to the lake front in Como with the short, but tough San Fermo della Battaglia climb a few kilometers from the end. The 2010 edition saw the introduction of the Colma di Sormano climb which replaced the Cviglio climb after the Ghisallo climb. The Sormano climb was also introduced in the fully renewed route for the 2011 edition. The climb was installed before the Madonna del Ghisallo. After the Ghisallo climb a flat road took the race towards Lecco for the final climb of the race: the 3,4 km climb of Villa Vergano. After the descend only 3 km remained until the finish. The steep road of the Villa Vergano climb proved to be decisive in the 2011 and 2012 edition of the race.[1]

Years Start Finish
1905–1960 Milano Milano
1961–1984 Milano Como
1984–1989 Como Milano (Duomo)
1990–1994 Milano Monza
1995–2001 Varese Bergamo
2002 Cantu Bergamo
2003 Como Bergamo
2004–2006 Mendrisio (SUI) Como
2007–2009 Varese Como
2010 Milano Como
2011 Milano Lecco
2012–2013 Bergamo Lecco

The Giro di Lombardia is known as a climbers' classic and has included several well-known climbs over the years. The most famous of them is the Madonna del Ghisallo climb. An overview of climbs featured in Il Lomardia:

Climb Distance Average Grade Max Grade
Civiglio 5,7 km 6,9% 10%
Colle Brianza 4,2 km 6,9% 7,5%
Colma di Sormano 9,6 km 6,5% 8,4%
Madonna del Ghisallo 10,6 km 5,2% 11%
Climb Distance Average Grade Max Grade
Muro di Sormano 1.7 km 17% 25%
San Fermo della Battaglia 2,2 km 8,2% 8,3%
Valcava 11,8 km 8% 12%
Villa Vergano 3,2 km 7,4% 15%


Rider Team
1905 Italy Gerbi, GiovanniGiovanni Gerbi (ITA)
1906 Italy Brambilla, GiuseppeGiuseppe Brambilla (ITA) Bianchi
1907 France Garrigou, GustaveGustave Garrigou (FRA)
1908 Luxembourg Faber, FracoisFrançois Faber (LUX)
1909 Italy Cuniolo, GiovanniGiovanni Cuniolo (ITA)
1910 Italy Michelotto, GiovanniGiovanni Michelotto (ITA)
1911 France Pelissier, HenriHenri Pélissier (FRA)
1912 Italy Oriani, CarloCarlo Oriani (ITA)
1913 France Pelissier, HenriHenri Pélissier (FRA)
1914 Italy Bordin, LauroLauro Bordin (ITA) Bianchi
1915 Italy Belloni, GaetanoGaetano Belloni (ITA)
1916 Italy Torricelli, LeopoldoLeopoldo Torricelli (ITA)
1917 Belgium Thys, PhilippePhilippe Thys (BEL)
1918 Italy Belloni, GaetanoGaetano Belloni (ITA) Bianchi
1919 Italy Girardengo, CostanteCostante Girardengo (ITA)
1920 France Pelissier, HenriHenri Pélissier (FRA)
1921 Italy Girardengo, CostanteCostante Girardengo (ITA)
1922 Italy Girardengo, CostanteCostante Girardengo (ITA) Bianchi
1923 Italy Brunero, GiovanniGiovanni Brunero (ITA)
1924 Italy Brunero, GiovanniGiovanni Brunero (ITA)
1925 Italy Binda, AlfredoAlfredo Binda (ITA)
1926 Italy Binda, AlfredoAlfredo Binda (ITA)
1927 Italy Binda, AlfredoAlfredo Binda (ITA)
1928 Italy Belloni, GaetanoGaetano Belloni (ITA)
1929 Italy Fossati, PieroPiero Fossati (ITA)
1930 Italy Mara, MicheleMichele Mara (ITA) Bianchi
1931 Italy Binda, AlfredoAlfredo Binda (ITA)
1932 Italy Negrini, AntonioAntonio Negrini (ITA)
1933 Italy Piemontesi, DomenicoDomenico Piemontesi (ITA)
1934 Italy Guerra, LearcoLearco Guerra (ITA)
1935 Italy Mollo, EnricoEnrico Mollo (ITA)
1936 Italy Bartali, GinoGino Bartali (ITA)
1937 Italy Bini, AldoAldo Bini (ITA) Bianchi
1938 Italy Cinelli, CinoCino Cinelli (ITA)
1939 Italy Bartali, GinoGino Bartali (ITA)
1940 Italy Bartali, GinoGino Bartali (ITA)
1941 Italy Ricci, MarioMario Ricci (ITA)
1942 Italy Bini, AldoAldo Bini (ITA) Bianchi
1943 No race
1944 No race
1945 Italy Ricci, MarioMario Ricci (ITA)
1946 Italy Coppi, FaustoFausto Coppi (ITA) Bianchi
1947 Italy Coppi, FaustoFausto Coppi (ITA) Bianchi
1948 Italy Coppi, FaustoFausto Coppi (ITA) Bianchi
1949 Italy Coppi, FaustoFausto Coppi (ITA) Bianchi-Ursus
1950 Italy Soldani, RenzoRenzo Soldani (ITA)
1951 France Bobet, LouisonLouison Bobet (FRA)
1952 Italy Minardi, GiuseppeGiuseppe Minardi (ITA)
1953 Italy Landi, BrunoBruno Landi (ITA)
1954 Italy Coppi, FaustoFausto Coppi (ITA) Bianchi-Pirelli
1955 Italy Maule, CletoCleto Maule (ITA)
1956 France Darrigade, AndreAndré Darrigade (FRA) Bianchi-Pirelli
1957 Italy Ronchini, DiegoDiego Ronchini (ITA) Bianchi-Pirelli
1958 Italy Defilippis, NinoNino Defilippis (ITA)
1959 Belgium Looy, Rik VanRik Van Looy (BEL)
1960 Belgium Daems, EmileEmile Daems (BEL)
1961 Italy Taccone, VitoVito Taccone (ITA)
1962 Netherlands Roo, Jo deJo de Roo (NED)
1963 Netherlands Roo, Jo deJo de Roo (NED)
1964 Italy Motta, GianniGianni Motta (ITA)
1965 United Kingdom Simpson, TomTom Simpson (GBR) Peugeot BP Michelin
1966 Italy Gimondi, FeliceFelice Gimondi (ITA)
1967 Italy Bitossi, FrancoFranco Bitossi (ITA)
1968 Belgium Springel, Herman vanHerman van Springel (BEL)
1969 Belgium Monsere, Jean PierreJean-Pierre Monseré (BEL)
1970 Italy Bitossi, FrancoFranco Bitossi (ITA)
1971 Belgium Merckx, EddyEddy Merckx (BEL) Molteni
1972 Belgium Merckx, EddyEddy Merckx (BEL) Molteni
1973 Italy Gimondi, FeliceFelice Gimondi (ITA) Bianchi-Campagnolo
1974 Belgium De Vlaeminck, RogerRoger De Vlaeminck (BEL) Brooklyn
1975 Italy Moser, FrancescoFrancesco Moser (ITA) Samson
1976 Belgium De Vlaeminck, RogerRoger De Vlaeminck (BEL) Brooklyn
1977 Italy Baronchelli, GianbattistaGianbattista Baronchelli (ITA) Scic
1978 Italy Moser, FrancescoFrancesco Moser (ITA) Samson Campagnolo
1979 France Hinault, BernardBernard Hinault (FRA) Renault-Gitane-Campagnolo
1980 Belgium Wolf, Fons DeFons De Wolf (BEL) Boule d'Or-Colnago
1981 Netherlands Kuiper, HennieHennie Kuiper (NED) DAF Trucks-Cote D'Or
1982 Italy Saronni, GiuseppeGiuseppe Saronni (ITA) Del Tongo-Colnago
1983 Republic of Ireland Kelly, SeanSean Kelly (IRL) Sem-France Loire
1984 France Hinault, BernardBernard Hinault (FRA) La Vie Claire
1985 Republic of Ireland Kelly, SeanSean Kelly (IRL) Skil Sem Kas Miko
1986 Italy Baronchelli, GianbattistaGianbattista Baronchelli (ITA) Supermercati Brianzoli
1987 Italy Argentin, MorenoMoreno Argentin (ITA) Gewiss-Bianchi
1988 France Mottet, CharlyCharly Mottet (FRA) Systeme U-Gitane
1989 Switzerland Rominger, TonyTony Rominger (SUI) Chateau d'Ax
1990 France Delion, GillesGilles Delion (FRA) Helvetia-La Suisse
1991 Republic of Ireland Kelly, SeanSean Kelly (IRL) PDM-Concorde
1992 Switzerland Rominger, TonyTony Rominger (SUI) CLAS-Cajastur
1993 Switzerland Richard, PascalPascal Richard (SUI) Ariostea
1994 Russia Bobrik, VladislavVladislav Bobrik (RUS) Gewiss-Ballan
1995 Italy Faresin, GianniGianni Faresin (ITA) Lampre-Panaria
1996 Italy Tafi, AndreaAndrea Tafi (ITA) Mapei-GB
1997 France Jalabert, LaurentLaurent Jalabert (FRA) ONCE
1998 Switzerland Camenzind, OscarOscar Camenzind (SUI) Mapei-Bricobi
1999 Italy Celestino, MirkoMirko Celestino (ITA) Team Polti
2000 Lithuania Rumsas, RaimondasRaimondas Rumšas (LTU) Fassa Bortolo
2001 Italy Di Luca, DaniloDanilo Di Luca (ITA) Cantina Tollo-Acqua e Sapone
2002 Italy Bartoli, MicheleMichele Bartoli (ITA) Fassa Bortolo
2003 Italy Bartoli, MicheleMichele Bartoli (ITA) Fassa Bortolo
2004 Italy Cunego, DamianoDamiano Cunego (ITA) Saeco Macchine per Caffè
2005 Italy Bettini, PaoloPaolo Bettini (ITA) Quick Step-Innergetic
2006 Italy Bettini, PaoloPaolo Bettini (ITA) Quick Step-Innergetic
2007 Italy Cunego, DamianoDamiano Cunego (ITA) Lampre-Fondital
2008 Italy Cunego, DamianoDamiano Cunego (ITA) Lampre
2009 Belgium Gilbert, PhilippePhilippe Gilbert (BEL) Silence-Lotto
2010 Belgium Gilbert, PhilippePhilippe Gilbert (BEL) Omega Pharma-Lotto
2011 Switzerland Zaugg, OliverOliver Zaugg (SUI) Leopard Trek
2012 Spain Rodríguez, JoaquimJoaquim Rodríguez (ESP) Team Katusha
2013 Spain Rodríguez, JoaquimJoaquim Rodríguez (ESP) Team Katusha

Winners by Nationality[edit]

# of Victories Country
67  Italy
12  Belgium
11  France
5   Switzerland
3  Netherlands
3  Ireland
2  Spain
1  Lithuania
1  Luxembourg
1  Russia
1  Great Britain


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