Gisela of Burgundy

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Spouse(s) Henry II, Duke of Bavaria
Children Henry II, Holy Roman Emperor
Gisela of Hungary
Bruno of Augsburg
Parent(s) King Conrad of Burgundy
Adelaide of Bellay
Relatives Saint Emeric (grandson)

Gisela of Burgundy (died on 21 July 1006) was the daughter of Conrad the Peaceful, King of Burgundy and Adelaide of Bellay, Conrad's second[citation needed] wife whom he probably married for love, as he had already[citation needed] produced an heir (Rudolph III) by his first[citation needed], more dynastic, marriage and was thus free to wed as he pleased. Gisela was a niece of the empress Adelaide.

She married Henry the Quarrelsome, Duke of Bavaria some time before 972. Although he died young, they had many children who acquired suitable positions among the ruling classes of Europe.


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