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Gisele Khoury (Arabic: جيزال خوري‎) is a journalist and talk show host on BBC Arabic. Her show is called Al Mashhad where she interviews prominent figures and high profile guests from the Arab World. Before that, Khoury was hosting a political show Bil Arabi, on the Al Arabiya news channel, hosting political decision makers, heads of states, prime ministers and ministers of foreign affairs.[1] The show covered current events and the latest political developments from the Arab world and beyond. Khoury was married to journalist, writer and historian Samir Kassir until his assassination on June 2, 2005, by political rivals. Since her husband’s death, Gisele Khoury has been active in promoting Kassir's thoughts and with the help of friends and family, she founded the Samir Kassir foundation and the Skeyes centre for media and cultural freedom. She has a son, Marwan, and a daughter, Rana.