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Gist or GIST usually refers to the essence, the central idea or main substance.

It can also refer to:


  • GiST, or Generalized Search Tree, a flexible data structure for building search trees
  • Gist (Computing), a scientific graphics library written in the C programming language
  • GIST, Ginān Index & Search Tool, a tool to make Ginans available to researchers and scholars
  • Gist, a pastebin service operated by GitHub




  • Carole Gist, first African American woman to win the Miss USA title
  • Christopher Gist (1706–1759), one of the first white explorers of the Ohio Country in what would become the United States
  • James Gist (born 1986), American professional basketball player
  • Joseph Gist (1775–1836), U.S. Representative from South Carolina
  • Mordecai Gist (1743–1792), member of a prominent Maryland family who became a general in command of the Maryland Line in the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War
  • Robert Gist (1924–1998), American actor and film director
  • States Rights Gist (1831–1864), lawyer, a militia general in South Carolina, and a Confederate Army general who served during the American Civil War
  • William Henry Gist (1807–1874), 68th Governor of South Carolina from 1858 to 1860 and a leader of the secession movement in South Carolina

Other uses[edit]