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Giuseppe Busso (April 27, 1913 – January 3, 2006) was an Alfa Romeo and Ferrari technical designer. Born in Turin, he graduated as an industrial designer, and In 1937 began working for Fiat in its aviation engine department. In January 1939 he moved to Alfa Romeo where he worked under guidance of Orazio Satta Puliga. His main responsibility was racing car engines.

In 1946 he became technical director for Ferrari and took part in developing the Ferrari 125 Sport 1.5 L V12 engine. Busso was back at Alfa in 1948 and worked there until 1977. He was in charge of mechanical engineering for all of the Alfa Romeos. He took part in creation of the Alfa Romeo 1900, Giulietta, Giulia, 1750, 2000 and Alfetta. With the 1900, Busso introduced the 4 cylinders Alfa Romeo Twin Cam engine. Another creation of his was the Alfa Romeo V6 engine which was designed in the early 70s and introduced in the 1979 Alfa 6.[1]

He died in Arese, Milan, just 3 days after the stop of the production of his V6 engine.


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