Gjergj, Lord of Durrës

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Gjergj Thopia
Lord of Durrës
Teodora Branković
Noble family Thopia
Father Karlo Thopia
Mother Vojisava Balšić
Died 1392

Gjergj Thopia (died 1392) was the Lord of Dyrrhachium from 1387 to 1392. He was the son of Karlo Thopia and Vojisava Balšić. Gjergj married Teodora Branković of the Serbian Branković family.

Gjergj surrendered Dyrrhachium to the Republic of Venice in 1392. Later that year, he died without issue. His sister, Elena, gained the bulk of his holdings. A smaller portion was left for his younger sister, Vojsava.

Preceded by
Karl Topia
Ruler of Albania
Succeeded by
Albania Veneta