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This article is about the mountain. For the former passenger ship on Lake Zurich, see Glärnisch (ship).
Elevation 2,915 m (9,564 ft)
Prominence 967 m (3,173 ft)[1]
Isolation 14.3 km (8.9 mi)[2]
Glärnisch is located in Switzerland
Location in Switzerland
Location Glarus, Switzerland
Range Glarus Alps
Coordinates 46°59′55″N 8°59′55″E / 46.99861°N 8.99861°E / 46.99861; 8.99861Coordinates: 46°59′55″N 8°59′55″E / 46.99861°N 8.99861°E / 46.99861; 8.99861

The Glärnisch is a mountain of the Glarus Alps, overlooking the valley of the Linth in the Swiss canton of Glarus. It consists of several summits of which the highest is 2,915 metres above sea level. The other main summits are the Bächistock (2,914 metres), followed by the Vrenelisgärtli--"Verena's Little Garden"—at 2,904 metres) and the Ruchen (2,901 metres).

The massif of the Glärnisch consists of two ridges of either side of the glacier named Glärnischfirn, culminating at the Ruchen to the west, rising more than 2,000 metres above the Klöntalersee, and at the Bächistock to the southwest. The Vrenelisgärtli is the closest peak to Schwanden.

The Glärnischfirn (also known as the Glärnischgletscher, the "Glarnisch glacier") is about one mile long and about one-half mile wide at between 1.5 and 2.0 miles above sea level. The surrounding peaks are generally accessible to hikers and climbers only by traversing the length of the glacier itself. From the Vrenelisgärtli peak, the Klontal lake may be seen directly, more than one mile below.

In recent years, the glacier has lost a massive amount of its volume and its tongue has retreated sharply.[3]

East of the Glärnisch is located the lower Vorder Glärnisch.

Glärnisch and Klöntalersee (from the Vorder Glärnisch)

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