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L'île aux Moutons' Lighthouse

The Glénan islands (French: Îles des Glénan or Archipel des Glénan, Breton: Inizi Glenan) are an archipelago located off the coast of France. They are located in the south of Finistère, near Concarneau and Fouesnant, and comprise seven major islands: Saint-Nicolas, the Loc'h, Penfret, Cigogne, Drenec, Bananec, and Brunec. In addition, there are over a dozen smaller islets.

The Glénan islands have been home to the Glénans sailing school since it was founded in 1947. An international diving school is also present on the islands.

Île aux Moutons, halfway to the continent, is considered to be a part of the archipelago.

The islands are a popular tourist destination, particularly as a daytrip for those holidaying in the rest of Finistère. Both the presence of a shallow seabed and the availability of a catamaran with windows in its base have greatly contributed to this. It is difficult to stay on the islands overnight, as there is no hotel, and camping is forbidden. One or two small guesthouses exist.

The islands are powered by a combined power plant.

Administratively, the islands belong to the commune of Fouesnant.

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