Gladstone (humorist)

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Not to be confused with William Ewart Gladstone.
Occupation Humorist: multimedia
Language English
Nationality American
Period Contemporary
Genre Satire
Subject Pop culture, news media, Americana
Literary movement Post-postmodern
Notable works Hate by Numbers
Notable awards 2010 Opium Literary Death Match

Wayne Gladstone, who writes as simply Gladstone, is an American humorist and columnist. He is the creator, writer, and star of the Hate by Numbers Internet series,[1][2] and a regular contributor to Comedy Central's Indecision Forever[3] and[4]

Notes from the Internet Apocalypse[edit]

Gladstone's first novel, Notes from the Internet Apocalypse, is the first in a trilogy to be published by Thomas Dunne Books,[5] released on 4 Mar 2014. First appearing as a serialized novella on In 2011,[6] and written as a "found journal," the novel follows a fictional Gladstone on a journey to find the Internet, which has suddenly and inexplicably disappeared.


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