Glasgow Fair

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Glasgow Fair
Date last fortnight in July
Frequency annual

The Glasgow Fair is a holiday during the last fortnight in July in the city of Glasgow, Scotland.[1] 'The Fair' is the oldest of a number of similar holidays, dating from the 12th century.[1] Originally, Glasgow fair was held during the second and third week in July before moving in the 1970s.

Until as recently as the 1960s,[citation needed] most local businesses and factories would close on 'Fair Friday' and workers and their families would use the opportunity to travel for holidays in the local area, typically in the Firth of Clyde or Ayrshire coast.[1] This practice became known as going "doon the watter" (literally "down the water" in Glasgow dialect).[2]

The Fair[edit]

Glasgow Fair has been historically associated with the holding of an actual fair in the city of Glasgow. From the 1800s, this event was held on Glasgow Green. Originally the fair focused on the sale of horses, cattle and the hiring of servants. In later times, the fair became better known for its amusements, with circus and theatre shows popular.[3]

Glasgow City Council has attempted to re-introduce the fair on the Green, albeit with more modern attractions.[citation needed]