Glasgow University Labour Club

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Glasgow University Labour Club
Motto Serious about Socialism[1]
Formation 1946
Owen Mooney
Catherine Vallis
Eibhlin McMenamin
Vice Chair
Alistair Craig
Parent organization
University of Glasgow

Glasgow University Labour Club was formed in 1946,[2] and has served as a training ground for a number of prominent Labour politicians of the twentieth century. Membership is open to all matriculated students of the University.

The Labour Club runs weekly Pint and Politics events as well as organising guest lectures. The Club was recently involved in protests at a pro-life talk held in the Glasgow University Union featuring Ann Widdecombe and Lord Alton of Liverpool, and joined the Take Back The Night march against violence against women. It has also welcomed various guest speakers, including former junior Northern Ireland minister Adam Ingram, whose talk was entitled,"What can Baghdad learn from Belfast?", and a talk on the British monarchy from Hazel Blears, the former Communities Secretary, and Professor Adam Tomkins, a member of anti-monarchy group Republic and an academic in the School of Law. The Club also helps with Labour Party election campaigning.

In the past, the Labour Club has put candidates forward in Rectorial elections at the University, although it did not do so at the 2008 or the 2011 election. Previously the Club nominated Hortensia Allende, widow of former Marxist President of Chile Salvador Allende, in 1977, however she lost to John L. Bell, a student at the University at the time and Glasgow's only student rector.

The Labour Club is affiliated to Scottish Labour Students (SLS), and to the national Labour Students (NOLS) group, as well as to the Labour Party socialist pressure group the Labour Representation Committee (LRC). Labour Club members Margaret Curran (1979), Sarah Boyack (1984) and more recently Victoria Jamieson (2007) have served as Chair of SLS, while Boyack was Chair of NOLS shortly after being Chair of the Labour Club. Although NUS Scotland has in the past been seen as a largely Labour-ite movement, the University of Glasgow is not affiliated to the organisation.

In early 2013 the Club successfully campaigned for a No vote in the university's mock referendum on Scottish independence.

2014/2015 Committee[edit]

  • Chair: Owen Mooney
  • Vice Chair: Alistair Craig
  • Secretary: Eibhlin McMenamin
  • Treasurer: Catherine Vallis
  • Campaigns Officer: Conor Boyes
  • LGBT Officer: Joseph Lee
  • Women's Officer: Meg Whitelaw
  • Disabilities Officer: Vince Lisle

Notable members[edit]