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Glass, Lewis & Co. is one of two prominent proxy advisory services in the world, the other being MSCI/Institutional Shareholder Services ("ISS"). Glass Lewis provides governance research, proxy analysis and vote management services to institutional investors globally that collectively manage more than $15 trillion in assets, including Putnam Funds, Wellington Management Company and the Australian Council for Superannuation Investors (“ACSI”).

Since its founding in 2003, Glass Lewis has grown in size to nearly 300 employees in six offices on three continents. Its head office is in San Francisco, California.[1]

In September 2006, Glass Lewis acquired Sydney-based proxy advisory firm Corporate Governance International, which then became known as CGI Glass Lewis.[2] In November 2008, Glass Lewis acquired Washington Analysis, a political and economic advisory firm based in Washington, D.C. Founded in 1973 and rated among the Best Analysts of the Year[3] by Institutional Investor magazine, Washington Analysis anticipates and analyzes the impact of political, legislative and regulatory developments on the financial markets. The firm’s senior analysts focus on defense, energy, financial services, healthcare, media and telecommunications, as well as geopolitics and political economics, including fiscal, monetary and trade policy.

Glass Lewis is currently owned by the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan, which acquired Glass Lewis from Xinhua Finance in October 2007 for US$46 million, amid a fraud scandal surrounding former Xinhua Finance Chief, Loretta Fredy Bush,[4] after Xinhua Finance had itself acquired Glass Lewis in January of that year.[5]


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