Gleeson College

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Gleeson College
Gleeson College Logo
With One Heart
Golden Grove, South Australia, Australia
Type Catholic
Established 1989
Principal Andrew Baker[1]
Enrolment 700
Campus Urban
Colour(s) Maroon & White         

Gleeson College is a Catholic school secondary school in Golden Grove, South Australia in the northern eastern suburbs of Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. The college is named after the late Emeritus Archbishop of Adelaide, the very Reverend James William Gleeson and the motto "with one heart" derives from his serving for 10 years (1971–1981) on the Pontifical Council Cor Unum (that is "One Heart").

The campus comprises 3 secondary schools, Gleeson, Golden Grove High School (State) and Pedare Christian College (Anglican / Uniting Church) linked by a central common resource area. Year 11 and 12 students are able to study at the other schools. This campus was visited by Federal Labor Leader Kevin Rudd immediately after his announcement of the current Labor education policy of creating shared facilities at close-together state, Catholic, and/or independent schools.[citation needed] This policy may have been encouraged by the success of the Golden Grove Secondary Campus.[citation needed]


In the year 2004 considerable building work took place, enlarging the Thomas Library into the former administrator's office (which was moved to its current location as mentioned above), enlarging the multimedia room (which is now just an ordinary computer room), and adding a room used for lectures and presentations.

It was intended that from the Year 2000, Gleeson would be an 8-12 school that maintained an enrolment close to 650 students. As of 2006, the enrolment number is close to 700 students, a limit imposed by the Catholic Education Office, which limits the size of schools to prevent excessive competition between neighbouring Schools.

The College has 3 computer rooms in the school itself, as well as access to approximately seven rooms in Shared Facilities, and computers in all ordinary classrooms.

Student Leadership[edit]

The student leadership is divided into several overlapping categories. These are the:

  • Student Representative Council: Homerooms in years eight and nine elect one member per class, two per class for years ten and eleven, and eight total for year twelve (there are currently five year twelve homerooms). The SRC meets weekly, and is responsible for the discussion of all student's interests. There are four main committees of the SRC, the chair of which can meet with the Principal to discuss directly issues within that committee's areas of responsibility:
    • Fundraising Committee: is responsible for all charitable fundraising done by the SRC, and also keeps track of other charitable work done by others in order to reduce the chances of a clash.
    • Environment Committee: is responsible for advising on student opinions and ideas relating to the upkeep of the school environment, and will be involved in the Trees for Life programme.
    • Events Committee: is responsible for school events and assemblies, and works especially closely with the Fundraising Committee.
    • Student Issues Committee: is responsible for other student issues in the school, and is currently tasked with improvements to the main courtyard, including the fundraising necessary for this and any other work required.
  • The House Captains: two captains and a vice captain for each house are elected by the year twelve members of the house and some staff, and have responsibility for Sports Equipment and organising the Athletics and Swimming carnivals. House captains and vice captains attend meetings of the SRC, and some are heads of SRC committees.
  • The SRC Executive: in addition to the eight year twelve SRC members, four Executive members are also elected. Their role is to run meetings, and to meet with the principal weekly to discuss matters raised at SRC meetings.
  • CSYMA: Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Australia, this committee organises and runs retreats for students throughout the college community.
  • The Student Forum: all the year twelve SRC members, the House Captains and Vice-Captains, and the SRC Executive are members of the Student Forum, who have the added responsibility of coordinating the weekly year twelve assembly.

Other student bodies also exist outside the SRC:

  • Social Action Committee: acts to generate awareness and action against social justice issues in the community.
  • Common Room Committee: is responsible for the supervision of the Common Room, in order to ensure that the condition of the room is maintained.

These committees are independent of the SRC, but there is some overlap of membership. Other areas of student leadership include student extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion.

Notable alumni[edit]


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