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This article is about the American politician. For the Canadian town also known as Glen Robertson, see North Glengarry, Ontario.

Glen Charles Robertson (born 1959) is an American politician and the current mayor of Lubbock, Texas, having been elected on May 12, 2012.

Early life and education[edit]

Robertson was born in 1959 and attended Texas Tech University from 1976 to 1978.[1]



Robertson was elected mayor of Lubbock, Texas on May 12, 2012, and took office on May 19, 2012.[2]

Robertson defeated incumbent Tom Martin by 30 percentage points[3]—a result thought to be related to voter perceptions that municipal "taxes" had increased in the form of fees.[4] One Lubbock resident (who had previously supported Martin but who went for Robertson in 2012) cited Martin's "dedication and countless hours" but explained the magnitude of the election margin as being an undercurrent of concerns about increasing debt and spending, and the escalating reliance on hidden taxes on water bills to fund unrelated departments.[5]

Shortly after inauguration Robertson announced his support for building an electricity plant powered by natural gas and for changes in the structure of water fees to emphasize conservation. Robertson told the West Texas Home Builders Association that he resists untested experiments to address Lubbock's utility situation: "I don't want to be the first Christian to face the lion, because he got the biggest and the meanest lion."[6]

In January 2015 Robertson said that he may run against U.S. Representative Randy Neugebauer of Texas's 19th congressional district in the Republican primary in the 2016 House elections, citing unhappiness with what he said was Neugebauer's failure to do more to help the cotton industry.[7] In March, Robertson said that he would not run for Congress, instead seeking re-election as Mayor.[8]


Robertson had been a member of the Electric Utility Board. He serves on the board of directors of the West Texas Municipal Power Agency. He owns and operates Hillcrest Country Club and Robertson Bonded Warehouse in Lubbock.[9]

Personal life[edit]

Robertson is married to Karen Lynn Phillips Robertson. He has three sons, Jason Robertson, Jeremy Robertson, Jared Robertson, and a stepson, Kirby Phillips.


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