Glen Scotia distillery

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Glen Scotia Distillery
Glen Scotia Single Malt 12 Year Old
Glen Scotia Single Malt 12 Year Old
Region: Campbeltown
Owner Loch Lomond Group
Founded 1832
Status Operational
Water source Crosshill Loch
Number of stills 1 wash (16,000 l),
1 spirit (12,000 l)[1]
Capacity 250,000 litres
Glen Scotia
Type Single Malt 12 Year
Distillery Select
Type Heavily Peated/Peated

The Glen Scotia distillery is a producer of single malt Scotch whisky that was founded in 1832.[2]


Glen Scotia Distillery was built in 1832, and has been operating for approximately one hundred and eighty years. Situated in Campbeltown (the Victorian Whisky Capital of the World) the distillery has a formidable pedigree. Campbeltown is a small town on the Kintyre peninsula on the west coast of Scotland, affectionately known as the “Wee Toon”, and, remarkably for a town of its size, still has 3 operating distilleries; Glen Scotia, Springbank, Glengyle. These distilleries give a remarkable insight into the history of making whisky in this remote, once prolific, whisky making region of Scotland. Glen Scotia was formally known as 'Scotia' when it was first founded in 1837 by Stewart & Galbraith and Company. Stewart & Galbraith Co. ran the Distillery for almost 60 years. Notable industrialist Duncan MacCallum purchased the distillery in 1891 and he constructed the large frontage (Malting Floors) which run horizontally across High Street which is a street in Campbeltown. It was then bought by Loch Lomond Group who own it to this day.

The start of the new century was a period of upheaval for the whisky industry in Campbeltown and all of Scotland. The First World War, prohibition and over production all conspired to weaken demand.

Glen Scotia currently operates with a staff of just six employees. The current annual production levels stand at around 250,000 liters and will soon produce 500,000 liters according to the Loch Lomond Group website.

Product Range[edit]

Glen Scotia revamped its line in early 2013 and extended its official bottling range to 10yr, 12yr, 16yr, 18yr and 21yr. In addition to this, they updated their packaging with a range-wide graphic of a long haired Highland Cow under the northern lights, each year differentiated by a different colour scheme. Also, the entire range is now bottled at a heftier 46% ABV.


Glen Scotia has 1 Wash Still and 1 Spirit Still and 6 Stainless Steel Washbacks. The washbacks that Glen Scotia originally had were more than 40 Years Old and were made out of Corton Steel.

Major Revamp[edit]

Since the beginning of 2015, the distillery has undergone a major revamp, including installing a new boiler, new washbacks, new stills including a complete revamp of the whisky shop. The complete revamp is expected to be complete in late 2016.

Included with the revamp, a brand new bottling range with 12,14 and 18 year old bottlings have been created.




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