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Glendale Town Center aka Glendale Mall or Glendale Center Mall is located at 6101 North Keystone Avenue in Indianapolis.


The mall was built in 1958 as an open air shopping center and was designed by Victor Gruen and Associates. When the 685,000-square-foot (63,600 m2) Glendale Shopping Center opened, it was the premier retail center in Indianapolis and boasted an impressive array of upscale retailers[citation needed]. After being converted to a covered mall for several decades, the original mall was demolished March 1, 2007, and it returned to being an open-air shopping center in early 2008. The original anchors were L. S. Ayres and William H. Block. Other tenants included Davidson's Furs, Hook's Drug Stores, Paul Harris, Morrison's, Sam's Subway, Roderick St. John, B Dalton, L. Strauss & Co., Goodman Jewelers, McNamara Florist, Lieber's, G.C. Murphy, Standard Food, and Graham's of Glendale. The building is currently owned by Kite Realty. [1] Current stores include Catherine's Plus Sizes, Jimmy John's, Taco Bell, O'Charley's, Panera, Walgreens, and Lenscrafters.

Current Anchors[edit]

Former anchors[edit]


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Coordinates: 39°51′58″N 86°07′09″W / 39.86611°N 86.11917°W / 39.86611; -86.11917