Glendo Reservoir

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Glendo Dam
Glendo Dam.jpg
Glendo Dam in the Glendo State Park (2002)
Location Platte / Converse counties, Wyoming, USA
Coordinates 42°28′47″N 104°56′54″W / 42.4797°N 104.9483°W / 42.4797; -104.9483Coordinates: 42°28′47″N 104°56′54″W / 42.4797°N 104.9483°W / 42.4797; -104.9483
Construction began 1954[1]
Opening date 1958
Operator(s) U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
Dam and spillways
Impounds North Platte River
Height 190 feet (58 m)
Length 2,096 feet (639 m)[2]
Creates Glendo Reservoir
Power station
Installed capacity 38 MW
Annual generation 57,707,000 KWh

Glendo Reservoir is a reservoir located on the North Platte River in Platte County and Converse County in the U.S. State of Wyoming. The reservoir is formed by Glendo Dam 42°28′47″N 104°56′54″W / 42.47972°N 104.94833°W / 42.47972; -104.94833. The earthfill dam is 2,096 feet (639 m) feet long and 190 feet (58 m) high and contains two hydroelectric turbines capable of generating 38 megawatts of power.[1] The reservoir retains a maximum of 1,170,505 acre feet (1.443797×109 m3) of water used primarily for irrigation and flood control.

The reservoir is popular for water sports and fishing. It is located completely within Glendo State Park.

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