Glenfield railway station, Sydney

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Glenfield Railway Station Concourse Exterior.jpg
Station code GFD
Suburb Glenfield
Street(s) Railway Parade
Distance from Central Station 33.03 km
Altitude (above sea level) 23.2 m
Types of stopping trains Suburban all stops
Suburban limited stops
Number of platforms 4
Number of tracks 4 (Plus 1 Goods Track)
Platform arrangement 2 island
Type of station Ground
Ticket barriers Yes
Transfers available Bus
Disabled access Yes
Station facilities Link

Glenfield railway station is an important junction station serving the small Sydney suburb of Glenfield. It is served by the Airport, Inner West & South and Cumberland lines and limited Southern Highlands Line services. The station marks the point where Airport, Inner West & South Line services from Revesby merge with those from Granville. The Hurlstone Agricultural High School is located adjacent to the station.


The station lies on the Main South line and features a junction to the East Hills line to the north of the station, used by via Revesby services. A second junction, to the south, connects the Main South to the future South West line, which is due to open in 2015. The station has two island platforms, with platforms 1 & 2 for trains travelling in the Up direction (towards Central), and platforms 3 & 4 servicing trains headed in the Down direction. Once the new line to Leppington is complete, this will enable cross-platform transfers for many interchanging passengers.


Platform 3 in 1968

The station opened in 1869, about ten years after the opening of the Main South Line. The initial platform was located north of the current station, and was moved south to its current position in 1891.[1] Originally the station consisted of two side platforms.

A junction station[edit]

The role of Glenfield changed significantly with the opening of the East Hills- Glenfield extension of the East Hills line in 1987, which joins the Main South line just north of Glenfield station. The platform buildings were substantially redeveloped at this time.

An additional track was opened to the west of the station in 1995 as part of the Glenfield- Ingleburn passing loop.[2] This track is unelectrified and was used by freight and long distance passenger trains. In December 2012, the track was incorporated into the Southern Sydney Freight Line and became freight only.

In 1996, as part of the Y-link works which created the Cumberland Line, Glenfield gained an extra platform (the current platform 1). Platform 1 was created as a side turnback for terminating trains via Liverpool by converting the existing side platform for Up trains in to an island platform.

A hub for South West Sydney[edit]

Concourse building under construction July 2011
Concourse building under construction July 2011
Concourse building complete.
Concourse building opened Mid-September 2012
From 2015 Glenfield will be served by trains operating to and from the north, south, east and west.

Glenfield station received further redevelopment and expansion as a result of the construction of the South West rail link to Leppington.[3] Upgrades in the Glenfield area included the construction includes new car parks, a bus interchange, a new overhead concourse with lifts, a new platform and the replacement of a flat junction between the Main South and East Hills lines with a grade separated junction. A new temporary ticket office was constructed opposite the station in the Magee Lane car park. This served as the ticket office until the construction work at the station was completed. A temporary footbridge provided access to the station after the original eastern entrance was closed. In June 2014, once work was completed, the East Hills line flyover opened, platform 1 became a through platform and platform 4 was brought in to service, creating two island platforms.

Construction of the line to Leppington commenced in the second quarter of 2010. This included a flyover just south of Glenfield to take the new line over the existing lines.

Platforms and services[edit]

This station is serviced by four to six trains per hour each way, two to four operating via Liverpool and two operating via Revesby, with additional trains during weekday peak hours. Cumberland Line trains operate only on weekdays. During off-peak hours two of the four services from Liverpool terminate at Glenfield.

Platform Line Stopping pattern Notes
All stations and limited stops services to Central and the City Circle via Granville or Revesby. Opened in 1996 as a turnback platform. Converted to a through platform in 2014.
Southern Highlands Line Limited intercity services to Central (i).
All stations and limited stops services to Central and the City Circle via Granville or Revesby.
All stations services to Schofields via Parramatta.
All stations and limited stops services to Campbelltown and Macarthur.
Terminating services, returning as all stations and limited stops services to Central and the City Circle via Granville.
Used as a terminating plartform
All stations services to Campbelltown.
All stations and limited stops services to Campbelltown and Macarthur. Opened in 2014.
All stations services to Campbelltown.
Southern Highlands Line Limited intercity services to Moss Vale and Goulburn via Bowral.

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1996-2012 configuration.

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