Glenhuntly tram depot

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Glenhuntly tram depot
Main entrance to the depot from Glenhuntly Road
Main entrance to the depot from Glenhuntly Road
Location 893-901 Glen Huntly Rd, South Caulfield
Operator Yarra Trams
Opened 1923 (1923)
Roads 12 (6 in sheds, 6 outside)
Rolling stock 13 W-class
2 A1-class
6 B2-class
19 Z1-class
2 Z2-class
27 Z3-class
Routes 3/3a, 64, 67, 78

Glenhuntly tram depot is located in South Caulfield, a suburb of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. The depot was opened in 1923 and is one of 8 depots operated in the Yarra Trams network.[1][2]


The main yard has 12 roads, 6 of these inside a maintenance shed. A single, double-track entrance exists, one for trams entering the depot and the other for trams leaving the depot.[1]

Rolling stock[edit]

Glenhuntly Depot is home to some of the oldest trams operating in Melbourne. The fleet includes 13 W-class trams, 9 Z1-class trams, 2 Z2-class trams, 27 Z3-class, 2 A1-class trams, and 6 B2-class trams, a total of 59.[1] Routine servicing of Z3-Class trams is performed at Southbank depot.

Glenhuntly tram drivers are currently being focussed on by senior management within KDR Victoria (the company managing the Yarra Trams franchise for the Victorian State Government) by ensuring Driver Team Managers within the depot begin weeding out unprofessional behaviour such as “go-slow” activity. This began many years ago when unionised drivers there disputed their running times, arguing that the times they had been given were insufficient to allow them to run services on-time. As a result, there is now a deeply entrenched culture within this depot of “dragging the road”, as a form of payback. Management has now decided to eradicate this culture by moving these drivers “up or out” of the organisation, at the direct request of the Minister.



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