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New Monkland parish church, Glenmavis

Glenmavis is a village in the North Lanarkshire area of Scotland. It is situated about 2 miles north-west of Airdrie on the B802 road. The United Kingdom Census 2001 recorded a population of 2286.[1]


Strictly speaking the village now known as Glenmavis consists of what was once two separate communities. To the east of the church was the village of New Monkland, whereas the newer community to the West was Glenmavis. However, the two effectively merged after World War II. The issue is further confused by the fact that the wider community (including what was once a small hamlet called Arderyth which became Airdrie) was also known as New Monkland. It is for this reason that the school is New Monkland Primary. The school was founded by the Kirk Session of New Monkland (then East Monkland) Church in 1691. New Monkland Cemetery had for many years two distinct parts. That nearest Condorrat Road was for those from Airdrie while the more eastern part (known as the Landward Cemetery) was for those from the rural area. An oddity of the cemetery is that within it there is another cemetery which was originally in Chapel Street, Airdre. The remains were disinterred and reburied along with the headstones many years ago and there was a heavy chain round that area. From the church gate it is possible to see the island of Arran on a fine day. There was a castle at Rochsoles Park, followed by a mansion, now demolished, apart from the stables. Formerly a pit village, there are no longer any active coal mines in the area. There is a major liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage depot to the north of the village.

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Coordinates: 55°53′07″N 3°59′54″W / 55.8853°N 3.9983°W / 55.8853; -3.9983