Glenn Springs, Texas

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Glenn Springs is an uninhabited place in the state of Texas, United States, which is of historical importance.[1] It is located 11 miles (16 kilometers) south-southeast of the Panther Junction visitor center in what is now the Big Bend National Park, and is accessible only by high-clearance vehicle.[2] The National Park Service maintains a back-country campground at Glenn Spring.

Glenn Spring was a military encampment, which was attacked by the troops of the Mexican General Pancho Villa on 15 May 1916, killing one civilian and wounding several US troops. The Glenn Springs Raid came 67 days after the famous attack on Columbus, New Mexico.



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Coordinates: 29°10′34″N 103°09′25″W / 29.17600°N 103.15690°W / 29.17600; -103.15690