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Glenner Mai09.jpg
Glenner above Ilanz
Origin Piz Terri, 46°36′7″N 9°4′8″E / 46.60194°N 9.06889°E / 46.60194; 9.06889Coordinates: 46°36′7″N 9°4′8″E / 46.60194°N 9.06889°E / 46.60194; 9.06889

Confluence with Vorderrhein at Ilanz,

46°46′36″N 9°12′44″E / 46.77667°N 9.21222°E / 46.77667; 9.21222
Progression VorderrheinRhineNorth Sea
Basin countries Switzerland
Location Graubünden
Source elevation 2,500 m (8,200 ft)
Mouth elevation 650 m (2,130 ft)
River system Rhine
Right tributaries Vals Rhine

The Glenner (Romansh: Glogn) is a Whitewater river in Graubünden. Glenner was also the name of a district in this area, which was annexed by Surselva District in 2001.

Kajkaking on the lower reaches at Pitasch

The river rises near the border with Ticino and is surrounded by up tp 3100m high mountains. The river flows through the Val Lumnezia. In Suraua, the Vals Rhine flows into the Glenner. After a few more kilometers, the Glenner flows into the Vorderrhein at Ilanz. In the upper reaches of the river has cut a deep gorge, which has uncovered black shale in a few places. During the snow melt and after rains the river water is usually dark gray.

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