Glimmer Best of John Foxx

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Glimmer - Best of John Foxx
Compilation album by John Foxx
Released 2008
Genre Electronic, new wave, synthpop
Length 73:04
Label Music Club Deluxe
Producer John Foxx,
John Foxx chronology
A New Kind Of Man
My Lost City

Glimmer - Best of John Foxx is the title of an 2 CD 28-track compilation album by British recording artist John Foxx, issued in 2008. Given the breadth and variety of work produced in over thirty years in the business, this compilation relies heavily on Foxx's more electronic based output, both as a solo artist and with Louis Gordon with the occasional insight into other musical styles explored over the years.

The title track is an instrumental electronic piece which originally appeared as a B side to the No-One Driving single in 1980. Similarly the tracks Plaza, Underpass, No-One Driving, 030, He's A Liquid and Burning Car are all from the 1980 Metamatic period.

Four tracks, Dislocation, Hiroshima Mon Amour, My Sex and Just For A Moment were originally written and recorded with Foxx's former band Ultravox, although are here presented in their more electronic form, performed and re-recorded with Louis Gordon. Original Foxx/Gordon compositions featured are Quiet City, Cities Of Light 5, Through My Sleeping and Carcrash Flashback V.

Track Listing[edit]

Disc one

  1. Glimmer
  2. Plaza
  3. No-One Driving
  4. Underpass
  5. Quiet City
  6. Dislocation
  7. 030
  8. Twilight's Last Gleaming
  9. Sunset Rising
  10. Cities Of Light 5
  11. Europe After The Rain
  12. Hiroshima Mon Amour
  13. The Garden

Disc two

  1. Through My Sleeping
  2. Endlessly
  3. My Sex
  4. He's A Liquid
  5. Carcrash Flashback V2
  6. Dancing Like A Gun
  7. Just For A Moment
  8. Dislocated (with Jori Hulkkonen)
  9. Burning Car
  10. Miles Away
  11. Stepping Sideways (with Harold Budd)
  12. Free Robot (with Metamatics)
  13. No-One Driving (early version)
  14. Plaza (extended version)
  15. Burning Car (Dub Terror/Karborn 2008 mix)

Disco 2, tracks 13, 14 & 15 are exclusive to this release.

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