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Global Impact works with nearly 100 private sector and over 300 public sector entities to generate funding for an alliance of more than 100 international charities, including CARE, Doctors Without Borders, Heifer International, Save the Children, the U.S. Fund for UNICEF and World Vision. Through these partnerships, Global Impact supports programs focused on clean water, disaster relief and resiliency, economic development, education, environmental sustainability, global health and child survival, human trafficking, hunger, and women and girls.

The organization also serves as administrator for one of the world’s largest workplace giving campaigns, the Combined Federal Campaign-Overseas.

During Fiscal Year 2012, Global Impact raised $108 million, supporting 11,000 charities and helping more than 400 million vulnerable people. Global Impact's administrative and fundraising to expense ratio was 4.5 percent during this period.[citation needed]


Global Impact was founded in 1956 as the Federal Service Joint Crusade to serve as the umbrella group for international health and welfare agencies participating in Federal government employee fund-raising campaigns. With the inception of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) in 1964, the organization became known as International Service Agencies (ISA). Until 1980, ISA was one of four approved federations participating in the CFC. After that time, the campaign was opened to include many more agencies and federations. In 2003, ISA changed its name to Global Impact to align with the organization’s evolving mission.

  • 1956: The Federal Service Joint Crusade (FSJC) is organized as an umbrella group for international health and welfare agencies. It is at first made up of four member agencies primarily interested in overseas assistance programs: CARE, Project HOPE, Friends of Korea and Radio Free Europe. In this first year, the organization raises a total of $698,203.
  • 1966: At the suggestion of U.S. Civil Service Commissioner Vernon Gill, FSJC changes its name to International Service Agencies.
  • 1981: International Service Agencies has 11 member charities.
  • 1983: International Service Agencies has more than doubled its roster of member charities to 23.
  • 1993: Renée S. Acosta begins her tenure as president and CEO.
  • 1996: International Service Agencies named as the Principal Combined Fund Organization (PCFO) to administer the Combined Federal Campaign–Overseas.
  • 2003: International Service Agencies changes its name to Global Impact.
  • 2003: Global Impact named as the Principal Combined Fund Organization (PCFO) of the Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area (CFCNCA).
  • 2005: Global Impact launches Global Alert, an electronic crisis response program that gives corporations and their employees a tool to respond to crises. In its initial launch, $1.1 million was raised for relief following the South Asia tsunami.
  • 2005: Global Impact begins offering donor advised fund management services to assist corporations with distribution of charitable gifts raised in private workplace giving campaigns.
  • 2006: Global Impact selected as the lead charity partner for the Central America and Mexico Hurricane Relief Fund.
  • 2007: Global Impact awards Microsoft Corporation the Global Citizen Award for their commitment to international philanthropy.
  • 2007: Global Impact is awarded the Kahlil Gibran Spirit of Humanity Award for International Achievement by the Arab American Institute Foundation.
  • 2007: Global Impact appears on the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s annual Philanthropy 400 list.
  • 2008: Global Impact programs are highlighted as models for international disaster response by The Conference Board.
  • 2011: Scott Jackson joins Global Impact as CEO. Renée S. Acosta serves as President.
  • 2013: Renée S. Acosta retires after 20 years as president. MORSI 5AWAL
  • 2013: Scott Jackson named president and CEO.

Programs and Partnerships[edit]

Workplace Giving: Global Impact partners with companies wanting to offer workplace giving campaigns. Services include collection and distribution of funds. Global Impact raises funds in nearly 500 public and private sector workplace giving programs and delivers millions of dollars to its partner charities.

Combined Federal Campaign Administration: Global Impact administers one of the world’s largest workplace giving programs: the Combined Federal Campaign – Overseas (CFC-O). This campaign involves more than 4,500 campaign workers, 68,000 donors and receipt of more than $14 million in pledges for more than 2,500 charities. Global Impact has 16 years of experience as the Principal Combined Fund Organization (PCFO) administering the CFC-O.

Revenue for the CFC-O increased from $6.7 million in 1996, the year Global Impact began administering the campaign, to more than $14.2 million in 2011. This encompasses five combatant commands, including Central Command with thousands of military personnel deployed in Afghanistan. In 2011, nearly 81,000 CFC-O contributors pledged more than $14.2 million to support 2,500 charities serving millions of people in need around the world. The CFC-O participation rate climbed to 26.9 percent in 2011, an increase of 2.7 percentage points over 2010. CFC-O eGiving funds pledged in 2011 increased to $1.1 million, a 65 percent increase over 2010.


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