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The Bloomberg Innovation Quotient is a ranking of the world's most innovative countries published every year, examining 215 countries and sovereign regions to determine their overall ability to innovate. Innovation was measured by seven factors, including R&D intensity, productivity, high-tech density, researcher concentration, manufacturing capability, education levels and patent activity.

Of the 215 countries and sovereigns evaluated, 110 had data for at least five of the seven factors. Those countries were included in the final ranking. Bloomberg used the most recent data from the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Intellectual Property Organization, United States Patent and Trademark Office, OECD and UNESCO to derive their ranking.[1]

Factors and weightings[edit]

  • R&D intensity (20%): R&D as percentage of GDP.
  • Productivity (20%): GDP per employed individual, per work hour .
  • High-tech density (20%): High-tech public companies as percentage of publicly listed companies.
  • Researcher concentration (20%): R&D researchers per million people.
  • Manufacturing capability (10%): Manufacturing value-added as percentage of GDP; products with high R&D intensity as a percentage of manufactured exports.
  • Tertiary efficiency (5%): Enrollment ratio for post-secondary students; tertiary graduation ratio of students majoring in sci-tech subjects ; new graduates and tertiary-degree holders as percentages of workforce.
  • Patent activity (5%): Resident patent filings per million population and per $ million R&D expenditures.

2014 Bloomberg Rankings[edit]

Rank Country/Territory
1  South Korea
2  Sweden
3  United States
4  Japan
5  Germany
6  Denmark
7  Singapore
8  Switzerland
9  Finland
10  Taiwan
11  Canada
12  France
13  Australia
14  Norway
15  Netherlands
16  United Kingdom
17  Austria
18  Russia
19  Belgium
20  New Zealand
21  Luxembourg
22  Italy
23  Czech Republic
24  Poland
25  China
26  Hungary
27  Hong Kong
28  Ireland
29  Portugal
30  Israel