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Global Islamic Finance Awards (also known as "GIFA") are one of the most prestigious awards in Islamic banking and finance. Other prestigious awards are Islamic Development Bank Prize in Islamic Banking and Finance (also known as "IDB Prize") and The Royal Award For Islamic Finance, founded by the government of Malaysia. GIFA was founded by Professor Humayon Dar,[1] who has also founded a number of initiatives in Islamic banking and finance, including Global Islamic Finance Report,[2] Islamic Finance Review (ISFIRE),[3] and an online blog for Islamic economics and finance called Islamic Economist.[4]

The first award ceremony was held in November 2011 at Muscat, the Sultanate of Oman, where HE Tun Abdullah Badawi, Former Prime Minister of Malaysia, was the recipient of the prestigious "Global Islamic Finance Leadership Award". The second GIFA ceremony took place at Royal Chulan Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in November 2012, where HRH Sultan Nazrin Shah of the Malaysian State of Perak and Financial Ambassador of Malaysia International Islamic Financial Centre [5] was the recipient of the second "Global Islamic Finance Leadership Award". The GIFA methodology is developed by Edbiz Consulting, a London-based Islamic financial consultancy.[6] On November 26, 2013, at a prestigious ceremony held at Shangri-La Hotel Dubai[7] HE Shaukat Aziz [8] Former Prime Minister of Pakistan, became the third GIFA Laureate when he was presented the third Global Islamic Finance Leadership Award by HRH Sultan Nazrin Shah. Aziz was honoured with this prestigious award for his leadership role that he played during his tenures as Finance Minister and Prime Minister of Pakistan, when Islamic banking emerged from scratch to capture over 6% banking share in the country.

The GIFA 2014 ceremony took place on 27 October on the eve of World Islamic Economic Forum in Dubai. This year Global Islamic Finance Leadership Award was split into Global Islamic Finance Leadership Award was split into an individual and a country category. HE Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, was declared the fourth GIFA Laureate. He was presented with the prestigious Global Islamic Finance Leadership Award for 2014 at the 10th World Islamic Economic Forum on 28 October 2014. The award ceremony was attended by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai and Prime Minister & Vice President of UAE. HE Najib Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia, received Global Islamic Finance Leadership Award 2014 in the country category, for the global leadership role played by Malaysia in the Islamic financial services industry.


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