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The Global Peace Foundation (GPF), originally called the Global Peace Festival and then the Global Peace Festival Foundation, is an international non-profit organization intended to promote world peace and cooperation under the motto “One Family under God.” Hyun Jin Moon, who is a third son of the Korean spiritual leader Sun Myung Moon, is the founder of GPF, begun in 2007. In 2008 peace festivals sponsored by the GPF were held in North America, Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Oceania.[1] Its London 2008 festival was organized by the Universal Peace Federation, which was founded by Sun Myung Moon.[2] Ida Odinga, the wife of Kenya’s Prime Minister, spoke at the festival in London that year and praised an earlier festival held in her country.[3]

A November 2008 festival in Roxas City in the Philippines was criticized by the Catholic Church but supported by local business people.[4][5][6] The president of Taiwan Ma Ying-jeou spoke at the festival which was held in Taipei October 31, 2009. He addressed the importance of freedom, democracy and peace; and said that his government was a "peace maker."[7]

A Global Peace Convention, sponsored by the GPF, was held in November, 2010 in Kenya.[8] Among the speakers was Kenya's president, Mwai Kibaki.[9] The South Asia Regional Level Global Peace Festival was held in Nepal from 30 September to 2 October 2010.[10] In 2012 the GPF held its annual convention in Atlanta, Georgia.[11] The Global Peace Foundation’s 5th annual Global Peace Convention (GPC) co-hosted by Global Peace Festival (GPF) Malaysia and the Department of National Unity and Integration in the Prime Minister’s Department, Government of Malaysia, was held at Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur from 5th to 8th December 2013.[12]

Georgetown University students took part in a 2008 festival.[13][14] The GPF held youth events in collaboration with UN-HABITAT and The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports of Kenya.[15][16] In 2009 five representatives of the Universal Peace Federation attended an annual (international ministerial-level) session of UN-HABITAT in its headquarters.[17]

In 2011, 48th President of Paraguay Juan Carlos Wasmosy, 49th President of Paraguay Raúl Cubas Grau, 50-th President of Paraguay Luis Ángel González Macchi and the President of the Chamber of Deputies Óscar González Daher participated in the GPF.[18]

In 2011, the President of Mongolia Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj served as the patron in the honorary committee of the GPF.[19] The latter have also met with the President of Costa Rica Laura Chinchilla,[20] the President of Paraguay Nicanor Duarte,[21][22][23] the President of Uruguay Julio Maria Sanguinetti,[24] the President of Ethiopia Girma Wolde-Giorgis, Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai and the Archbishop of Anglican Church of Kenya Eliud Wabukala.[25][26][27][28]

In 2012 Global Peace Women was launched in Malaysia, a chapter of the GPF, with the wife of the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia as its chair.[29] That same year, the Head of UNEP Achim Steiner and other UN dignataries gave remarks at an environmental event of the affiliate in UNEP Headquarters. The event brought together about 300 people including Keishu Shinso Ito, the highest-ranking minister in Japanese Buddhism, along with other religious leaders.[30]

Since 2000, Sun Myung Moon has promoted the creation of an interreligious council at the United Nations as a check and balance to its political-only structure.[31][32] Since then King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and King Juan Carlos of Spain hosted officially a program to promote the proposal.[33] The GPF is in general consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council[34][35] and a member of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development,[36][37] a member of the United Nations Division for Palestinian Rights,[38][39] a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council,[40][41][42] a member of the UNHRC,[43][44] a member of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs and United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific,[45]

The GPF theme song, "Where Peace Begins," was written by Trina Belamide of the Philippines.[46]


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