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Globalocal is a portmanteau of Global and Local. Globalocal is relating to the whole world but with an impact or significance to a particular area or one’s neighbourhood. Globalocal is thinking on a global scale and acting at a local level. Variation of Glocal

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GlobaLocal - The Forum for Content An annual publishing (and ancillary) industry conference held in India in both 2010 and 2011. The next conference is tentatively scheduled for late November, 2012 in New Delhi at the Park Hotel. The theme of the conference is ways and means for media to invoke the populace to "think on a global scale, but to react on a local scale" inducing the concept of sustainability. Globalocal Integrated Solutions Institute (GISI) is a non-profit organization that focuses on education and health programs in schools located in developing countries. GISI has worked extensively in Africa, Asia, and Haiti. GlobaLocal Mojo (mobile journalist) GlobaLocal Mojo refers to Mobile Journalists, a staff of freelance reporters who write articles of cause and effect of global implications stemming from local actions. Utilizing state of the art technical tools such as digital cameras and camcorders, laptop PCs with broadband wireless connection or smartphones, sustainability is the focus of their work. The term GlobaLocal MOJO was first used in 2009 by RG Griffing, publisher of the San Antonio, (Tex) Lightning, and the term has since been adopted by GlobaLocal Media and is utilized in over 100 North American markets. Additionally, GlobaLocal Media's environmentally friendly weekly newspaper called the GlobaLocal Nickel is scheduled to launch June, 2012 in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Powered by and American Classifieds, it is designed to promote sustainability in rural communities across North America.

Origin of the word[edit]

  • Michael Grant blogged about GlobaLocal as an exercise in thinking out loud. On thinking globally, acting locally, or vice versa. Entrepreneurship, politics (mostly Green), languages and translating, international living, culture, technology (especially the Macintosh)....
  • Globalocal used for the Make Your Mark Challenge[1], a competition in the UK where 38,000 students were challenged to come up with an Entrepreneurial idea in one day on 12 November 2007.