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Globix Corporation is a company that provides internet infrastructure and network services. It includes network bandwidth, management of web applications, servers, and databases and security, media streaming, and colocation.


Globix Corporation was founded in 1989 as "Bell Technology Group, Ltd." by Marc H. Bell with two employees. Bell Technology Group started out by installing computers for publishing companies as a value-added reseller. In the mid 1990s, thanks to external investments, it expanded its operations.

Bell Technology Group completed an IPO on January 24, 1996. The issue included 1,150,00 shares of common stock and 575,000 redeemable common stock purchase warrants. The offering raised net proceeds of $7.3 million used in the expansion of the company's internet access, networking business, marketing and sales efforts and repayment of debt and for general working capital.

On June 1, 1998, Bell Technologies Group changed its name to "Globix Corporation". The company says its name was derived from the words Global Internet Exchange.

On January 14, 2002, Globix filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and delisted from NASDAQ. Globix emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy in April 2002 after the United States Bankruptcy Court confirmed its plan of reorganization, and all conditions necessary for the plan to become effective were satisfied or waived.

In November 2003 Globix acquired Aptegrity Inc., a managed services provider. A year and a half later Globix merged with NEON Communications, Inc., a provider of optical networking to carriers and large companies in the US Northeast and mid-Atlantic. On May 18, 2005, Globix listed on the American Stock Exchange and was invited to ring the opening bell.

On February 28, 2007 the name Globix officially disappeared from the market as the Globix Corporation changed its name to NEON Communications Group, Inc.[1]

NEON was acquired by the RCN Corporation on November 13, 2007.[2]

Globix Hosting LLC[edit]

In October 2006 a part of Globix, the Globix Hosting LLC was, acquired by Quality Technology Services that is nowadays Hosting the Domain, that contains an URL redirection to the NEON website.[3]


Globix and its subsidiaries have operations in New York City; Westborough, Massachusetts; London; Santa Clara, California; and Fairfield, New Jersey

Mergers and acquisitions[edit]

  • Acquired Aptegrity, Inc. - November 3, 2003
  • Merged with NEON Communications, Inc. - March 8, 2005
  • Globix Hosting LLC acquired by Quality Technology Services - October 3, 2006

Name change[edit]

The Globix Corporation has announced that it has changed its name to NEON Communications Group, Inc. on February 28, 2007

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