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Industry Retail
Founded 1907
Headquarters Zurich, Switzerland
Key people
Robert Lips
Products upscale goods, including clothing, cosmetics, jewelry and household supplies
Owner Migros
Parent Migros

Globus is a Swiss department store company, with 14 department stores in Switzerland. The group, which includes the Herren Globus chain of menswear stores and the Office World chain of office supplies stores, is owned by Switzerland's largest retailer, Migros.


Globus was founded in 1907 in Zurich, and now has stores in all major Swiss cities. The chain sells mostly upscale goods, including clothing, cosmetics, jewelry and household supplies. The stores are noted for their extensive delicatessen section, called Globus Delicatessa, and their former mascot, Globi, the comic books about whom have been a fixture in the childhood of many Swiss.[1]

Department stores[edit]

There are Globus department stores in:

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