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Globus naslovnica 13250062471099-naslovna.jpg
Cover of the December 23, 2011 issue
Editor Nino Đula
Categories News magazine
Frequency Weekly
Circulation 28,000 (2009)
First issue 13 December 1990
Company Europapress Holding
Country Croatia
Language Croatian
ISSN 0353-9903

Globus is a Croatian weekly news magazine published in Zagreb, Croatia.

History and profile[edit]

Globus was started in 1990,[1] having some of its first issues published during the Croatian War of Independence.[2] The founders are Ninoslav Pavic, Denis Kuljis and Zdravko Jurak.[1] The magazine is based in Zagrep.[2] It is published by Europapress holding (EPH) media group, one of the largest media publishing companies in the country. Globus is one of EPH's flagship publication along with Jutarnji list daily.

Originally devised as tabloid, it never took an openly chauvinist approach of Slobodni tjednik and always tried to give the appearance of objectivity. Gradually, its articles began to deal with shady aspects of privatisation, abuses against ethnic Serb citizens and other topics not covered by mainstream media in Croatia. As such Globus is credited for introducing investigative journalism in Croatia.

In 2009 the circulation of Globus was 28,000 copies.[3]


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