Glock knife

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Glock Knife
Glock Feldmesser FM 78.JPG
First-generation Glock Feldmesser FM 78 and its sheath
Type Field knife
Place of origin  Austria
Service history
Used by See Users
Production history
Designer Glock Ges.m.b.H.
Manufacturer Glock Ges.m.b.H.
Variants Feldmesser 78 and 81
Length 290 millimetres (11 in)
Blade length 165 millimetres (6.5 in)

Blade type Drop point
Scabbard/sheath Glock polymer
Survival Knife 81 (Feldmesser 81) with saw-teeth at the back of the blade and its sheath

The Glock knife is a military field knife product line designed and produced by Glock Ges.m.b.H., located in Deutsch-Wagram, Austria. It can also be used as a bayonet, by engaging a socket in the pommel (covered by a plastic cap) into a bayonet adapter that can be fitted to the Steyr AUG rifle.[1][2][3]


The knives were developed in close cooperation with the special forces Jagdkommando (lit. Hunting Command) of the Austrian Army and are suitable for throwing.[4]

Both knives have drop point blades made of spring steel with a hardness of 55 HRC and are phosphate-treated. Spring steel is commonly applied as spring steel offering a high yield strength for good impact resistance and flexibility but low corrosion resistance.

The grips and sheaths are made of Glock-polymer and are available in the colors olive, sand, and black.[5] The upper crossguard is bent forward and can be used as a bottle opener.

The polymer sheath features a retention clip that secures the knife against loss, a belt clip for attaching the knife to a belt and a drainage opening at the bottom.


Glock currently manufactures two models of knives:

  • The Field Knife 78 (Feldmesser 78), which is a classic field knife, with a 165-millimetre (6.5 in) blade, 290-millimetre (11 in) overall length and weighs 206 g (7.3 oz).
  • The Survival Knife 81 (Feldmesser 81), which has the same overall dimensions as the Field Knife 78 with the addition of saw-teeth on the back of the blade and weighs 202 g (7.1 oz).