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Glogster EDU logo.png
Area served Worldwide
Industry Internet
Slogan(s) Create and Explore Digital Content Online
Type of site Online education
Registration Required
Available in English
Launched December 2009
Current status Active

Glogster /ˌɡlɒɡstr/ is an online learning platform which provides users with digital educational content and a tool for its creation. Launched in December 2009, it is mainly used by educators and students for interactive, collaborative education. Glogster EDU is based in Prague and Boston.


Glogster was developed in 2007 as a social network for teenagers allowing users to create free interactive posters - glogs. Glog®, short for graphic blog, is an online interface for mixing text, audio, video, images, graphics and more. Glogs provide canvas freedom with portrait and landscape options, an editing tool and simple drag & drop function for adding media. Glogster EDU was launched in 2009 to serve the educational community. Glogster EDU allows teachers and pupils to use glogs as instructional aids and share their glogs in private virtual classroom.

Glogster EDU[edit]

While the original version of Glogster ( is used mainly by teenagers, Glogster EDU is intended mainly for educators and students. Currently more than 17 million students and 1.9 million teachers are using Glogster EDU [1] as an online educational system which is designed for interactive, collaborative education and is suitable for teachers, students and a school as a whole. The program aims to allow teachers to be able to access digital educational content and create projects, presentations and assignments, grade students’ work and communicate with students online. Glogster EDU enables users to combine videos, music, sounds, pictures, text, data attachments, special effects, animations and links in a Glog® interface. The platform also includes drawing tools allowing teachers to fully supervise students’ activities, access them and determine which glogs go public while creating an online digital encyclopedia educational content.[1] Students can process given tasks and school topics and present their knowledge. Glogs may be developed under various categories, such as mathematics or physics.[1]

The Web 2.0 tool allows students to demonstrate their knowledge of a subject by creating a poster, or glog, that illustrates the information they learned. Glogster is a part of the Creating category in Bloom’s Technology Taxonomy. Students create a personalized digital poster with interactive elements such as video, images, and audio.


In June 2009 Glogster EDU announced a cooperative partnership with SchoolTube - an online portal focusing on educational media.[2] This partnership allows students and teachers to share their glogs on SchoolTube and import multimedia from SchoolTube to their glogs. Glogster EDU also cooperates with Wikispaces, ISTE - International Society for Technology in Education, MassCUE, NECC Ning and TinyPic.

Partners of Glogster and the Glogster EDU include:

  • Wikispaces (Since 2010) – Glogster embeds Glogs into their services.
  • SchoolTube (Since 2009) - Option to insert SchoolTube content into Glogs.
  • TeacherTube (Since 2010) – Glogster EDU has a Teacher Tube partner profile. They list Glogster among other services of similar type.
  • TinyPic (Since 2009) – option to log into the service and insert TinyPic images when creating Glogs.


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