Gloria (Happy Feet)

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Happy Feet character
Gloria in Happy Feet Two
First appearance Happy Feet (2006)
Last appearance Happy Feet Two (2011)
Created by George Miller
Voiced by Alyssa Shafer (chick, movie)
Elizabeth Daily (chick, video game)
Brittany Murphy (1)
Pink (2)
Species Emperor penguin
Gender Female
Occupation Singing
Family Maurice (father)
Michelle (mother)
Memphis (father-in-law)
Norma Jean (mother-in-law)
Spouse(s) Mumble
Children Erik (son)

Gloria is an emperor penguin, Aptenodytes forsteri, and a fictional character in both Happy Feet films. She is voiced by Brittany Murphy in Happy Feet and Pink in the sequel. As a chick, she is voiced by Alyssa Shafer in the first film and Elizabeth Daily in the video game based on the first film.



In Miss Viola's class in Penguin Elementary, Gloria quickly established herself as a musical prodigy, and Mumble is entranced by her wonderful voice. When Mumble himself tries to sing, he can accomplish nothing more than squeaky screeching. The entire class laughs at him - all except Gloria, who defends him. In subsequent singing classes, Mumble spends his time at the back of the class and daydreams about the wonders of the world, while Gloria sings more beautifully by the day.

Her heartsong is "Boogie Wonderland."

Happy Feet[edit]

During Mumble's time in Adélie Land, Gloria gains hundreds of interested suitors, as her reputation precedes her. By the time Mumble returns, Gloria is nearly overwhelmed by the amount of attention. She sings her Heartsong, "Boogie Wonderland", endlessly - but none of the males interest her in the least. Mumble attempts to impress her with a lip synced Spanish rendition of "My Way". Gloria is not fooled however, for she knows Mumble can't sing. Though they are true companions, Mumble simply does not have a Heartsong. When Gloria starts heading back to the mob of suitors (visibly disheartened by Mumbles lack of a singing voice), Mumble attempts to harmonize with her Heartsong by tapping to the rhythm. Gloria isn't very keen on it at first, but after a few moments, she becomes entranced by it. Finally realising that they were meant to be, Gloria joins Mumble in his dancing, along with nearly the entire colony who've also been won over. Their fun is cut short though by the Emperor Nation's wizened leader Noah. He calls Mumble's dancing "unruly nonsense" and scapegoats him for bringing famine to the colony. According to the elders, Mumble's "happy feet" are a deviant "pagan" practice that is displeasing the emperor's deity, the Great 'Guin, and the god is withholding the fish as punishment. When Mumble is banished from the Emperor Nation, Gloria greatly protests the action taken, and has to be restrained by her parents as Mumble leaves.

Unbeknownst to Mumble and the amigos, Gloria follows them and catches up to the group, professing her love for Mumble through her heartsong. Although he clearly reciprocates these feelings, Mumble fears for her safety, and tries several ways of rebuffing Gloria's advances, first by telling her that if she comes, she may never see her friends and family again, though Gloria simply responds by saying "fine by me". He then asks her how she plans to keep an egg safe out in the unknown (if they ever had an egg, of course) but she remains unswayed, stating that he is all she needs and "doesn't need an egg to be happy". In a last desperate move, Mumble uses Gloria's vanity against her, by saying she is only popular because of her singing, describing it as "flashy" and "froo froo". Gloria doesn't realize that Mumble is only trying to protect her however, and she takes his words seriously and finally leaves in a huff. Regretting his actions, but determined to finish his mission, Mumble continues onward.

About three months later, when Mumble returns to the penguin colony, exclaiming that he has found out what is causing the food shortage, Gloria is just as skeptical as all the other penguins. Mumble sees Seymour with Gloria and baby penguins with them. Thinking that Gloria and Seymour are now a pair, Mumble asks which one is theirs, but Gloria introduces the chicks as their singing class; Seymour teaches rhythm and Gloria teaches the blues. Gloria "never heard the right song" and remained alone during Mumbles time gone. She is the first to notice the tracking device on Mumble's back, which showed proof that the Aliens were real. When the Aliens arrive, everyone including the Elders, join into Mumbles dance. The amused Aliens then make a goal of no longer fishing in the Antarctic. In the last underwater scene Gloria and Mumble are seen swimming together as a happy mated couple as a large school of fish rushed towards them. Gloria and Mumble have a chick in between them when they danced in the final scene, which would be their child, Erik.

Happy Feet Two[edit]

In the sequel, Gloria and Mumble have a son, Erik, who is afraid to dance again after being mocked by most of the other chicks of his generation for his failure to dance. She is among the penguins who are all trapped in Emperor Land when the earthquake occurs. Gloria comforts Erik with the song "Bridge of Light" after Mumble scolds him for wanting to fly like Sven. At the end of the film, Gloria escapes from Emperor Land with help of all the penguins from Adelie Land, the elephant seals, Mumble, and even Sven. She is reunited with Mumble and Erik in the final seconds of the film.



As a chick, not much distinguished her from the other chicks. She was a light grey, and fuzzy, with brown eyes and a dark grey patch on her chest. In the first film, Gloria has a white underside with a yellow patch on her chest. The feathers on her head and back are black. She has brown eyes.

In Happy Feet Two, her physical appearance is noticeably different from in the first, likely to Animal Logic not being involved in the sequel. Her back and tail feathers are slightly darker than the indigo of the first film, more of a black. The yellow patch on her chest is brighter than in the original.


As a chick, Gloria was more friendly towards Mumble than the majority of the chicks, due to her forming an early bond with him and her being sympathetic to him being "different." As an adult in the first film, Gloria is slightly rebellious, especially to her parents and the elders at one point. She also exhibits a greater appreciation for rhythm and beats than most of the penguins of her generation to the point where she could hear her song chorus in Mumbles tap dancing while the rest originally heard noise. When Mumble is banished from Emperor Land, Gloria follows the group into the unknown, enthusiastic to be with Mumble whatever the cost, even if it means never seeing her family or friends again. When Mumble returns with the news of the aliens(humans) taking the fish, Gloria is still angry with Mumble for his earlier rejection, but is also secretly happy to see him alive. Contrast to the original, in the sequel her demeanor is more like that of a mother rather than her teenager personality in the first. In each film, her voice patterns vary from calm and petite when speaking, to soulful and boisterous when singing (though at certain points these patterns would mix).


In the original Happy Feet, she is voiced by Alyssa Shafer as a chick, speaking and singing, and Brittany Murphy provided her adult voice, for both speaking and singing. In the video game of the first film, she was voiced by Elizabeth Daily as a chick and Brittany Murphy as an adult. In Happy Feet Two, Murphy was set to record her voice in 2010, but died in 2009.[1] She was replaced by singer Pink, in her first voice acting role.


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