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Gloria Jean's Coffees
Founded 1979 (USA); 1996 (Australia)
Founders Ed & Gloria Jean Kvetko (USA)
Headquarters Worldwide
Number of locations 1000 in more than 39 countries
Key people Nabi Saleh
Products Coffee
Owners Yellow Pages Singapore

Gloria Jean's Coffees is a specialty coffee company that has opened more than 1,000 coffee houses across 39 markets worldwide, including over 460 in Australia. In 2013, Gloria Jean's was purchased by the publicly listed Yellow Pages Singapore for $35.6 million.[1]

Iced Chocolate Chiller served in Harbour Town, Perth.


Gloria Jean's Coffees was founded by Gloria Jean Kvetko in 1979 in Chicago, USA. Gloria Jean's Coffees began as a small coffee and gift shop in Chicago USA which now has over 110 locations throughout the US. In 1995, Nabi Saleh and Peter Irvine,[2] former managing director of advertising agency DDB Needham, visited the United States to sample the Gloria Jean's Coffees brand. Saleh and Irvine identified the opportunity for this brand in Australia, purchasing the international licensing rights from Diedrich Coffee, Inc.

Saleh and Irvine established Jireh International Pty Ltd (trading as Gloria Jeans Coffees[3]), the company that holds the right to franchise Gloria Jean's Coffees in Australia, and purchased the rights to the Gloria Jean's Coffees brand for all other countries from Diedrich Coffee, Inc, with the exceptions of the USA and Puerto Rico. In late 1996, Jireh International Pty Ltd opened the first Gloria Jean's coffee house in Miranda, Sydney, and two weeks later another in Eastgardens, also in Sydney. These coffee house were set up to test the concept in the Australian market.

In early 1998, Gloria Jean's Coffees Australia franchised its first store and within six years had opened 185 stores owned and operated by more than 100 franchisees. In 2003, a franchise opened in Darwin; this meant that the brand was now established in every Australian state, the ACT and NT.[4] Jireh International Pty Ltd formed a North American Affiliate, Praise International North America, Inc.[5] and as of 14 June 2009, which also operates It's A Grind Coffee House in 13 states.[6] the North American rights were sold by Diedrich Coffee to the American Affiliate of the Australian holding company.[7]


Coffee houses serve and sell a range of espresso coffee drinks, cold drinks, blended and estate whole bean coffees and specialty teas along with pastries and coffee accessories.

Gloria Jean's Coffees recently purchased through auction an allocation of the whole coffee bean that came fifth in Brazil's Cup of Excellence awards, the Lot#5 Norival Favaro – Sao Marcos.

Corporate governance[edit]

The Gloria Jean's Coffees business model is a franchising system similar to many fast-food chains. Franchise owners have to pay franchise fees and royalties on their sales as well as operating costs.[8] The organisation's board consists of chairman Nabi Selah, and directors John Dwight, Peter Irvine and Andrew Tyndale.


In Australia, Gloria Jean's Coffees is one of the longest supporters of Jeans for Genes[9][non-primary source needed] and since 2002 has raised more than $630,000 for the cause.[9][non-primary source needed] Gloria Jean's Coffees also supports a range of other charities including the Variety, the Children's Charity, R U OK?, and Salvation Army.[citation needed] In addition to their funding of charities, they have also funded other Christian organisations such as Family First, Australian Christian Lobby, Mercy Ministries, Jesus Racing and Hope 103.2 Christian radio.[citation needed] All franchise partners are also encouraged to support other local charities or causes in their local communities.[citation needed]

In mid-2009, Gloria Jean's Coffees International formed a charity, the GJCI "With Heart" Foundation, to support various international charities, including Compassion and Opportunity International.[10][non-primary source needed] Through their partnership with Compassion, Gloria Jean's Coffees supports more than 300 children from the coffee-producing regions of Brazil providing them with improved health and education opportunities.[citation needed]

Environmental certification[edit]

Gloria Jean's Coffees pays a fee to work in partnership with the global not-for-profit organisation, the Rainforest Alliance, whose stated purpose is to protect ecosystems and support the people and wildlife that depend on them. Gloria Jean's Coffees was recognised in May 2008 with the Rainforest Alliance Corporate Green Globe Award, which recognised the company's work in supporting global sustainability in agriculture, forestry and tourism. Gloria Jean's Coffees was the first Australian company to receive the award which is only awarded to companies affiliated with the organisation. In the 2008–2009 financial year, its signature espresso blend became Rainforest Alliance Certified and is now available throughout its international network of coffee houses. The company also previously launched a Rainforest Alliance Certified Single Origin Nicaraguan whole bean coffee that won a Silver Medal at the 2007 Sydney Royal Easter Show. Gloria Jean's Coffee products can be labelled 'rainforest alliance certified' with only 30% of content sourced from sustainable sources.[11]


Sugar and fat content[edit]

In 2009, Gloria's Jeans were criticized for the sugar and fat content of some of their products. Analysis of a regular 'Gloria Jeans Mocha Chiller Coco Loco' revealed it contained 95.5 g of sugar, which is 106 percent of an adult's recommended daily intake. They have also been criticised for failing to provide nutritional information to their customers.[12] Gloria Jeans now provide nutrition and ingredient information.[13]

Mercy Ministries[edit]

Peter Irvine, co-founder of Gloria Jean's, was executive director of Mercy Ministries until March 2008.[14][15] In December 2009, Irvine and other former directors were found by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to have engaged in false and misleading conduct and ordered to pay $1,050 to each of the 110 young women who took part in their programs.[16] In mid-2009, Gloria Jean's severed their sponsorship of Mercy Ministries.[17] Two former directors of Mercy Ministries, Mark and Darlene Zschech, who brought the program to Australia from the US in 2001, have also been associate directors of the Hillsong Church's annual conference.

Coffee supply[edit]

In April 2010, Gloria Jean's parent company, Jireh International, was accused of breaking a joint venture agreement with a small US-based coffee supplier, Western Export Services.[18] The matter was resolved in the High Court, in October 2011, with Western Export Services' appeal being dismissed.[19]

Financial support for the Australian Christian Lobby[edit]

In November 2010, in the lead up to the Australian Federal Election, Gloria Jean's donated $30,000 to the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL). ACL were at this time lobbying[20] for the retention of the Marriage Amendment Act 2004 which defines marriage in Australia as a 'union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others'. It also clarifies that same-sex marriages entered into under the law of another country will not be recognised in Australia.[21] Whilst, "the Australian Christian Lobby supported the 2008 legislation to remove discrimination in a whole range of Commonwealth Acts for people in same-sex relationships",[22] due to their vocal opposition of same sex marriage, gay adoption, gay access to IVF and the equating of Gay marriage campaigners to Nazis by their managing director Jim Wallace,[23][24] they have been categorised as anti-gay by journalists activists and other members of the Christian community.[25] This Gloria Jean's donation and the close links to the evangelical Hillsong Church have led to an active national boycott of all Gloria Jean's stores. Social media campaigns in support of the boycott on Facebook (titled "boycott Gloria Jean's" amongst others) and a petition on have already notched up thousands of supporters.[26] As a direct result of this donation, national youth mental health foundation Headspace pulled out as a partner of the suicide awareness campaign RU OK, of which Gloria Jean's was a major sponsor.[27] Although this $30,000 donation is listed on official Australian Government records as a political donation, (where donations can include 'advertising'),[28] and Gloria Jean's released a statement on 11 June 2012 stating "this was a once off donation"[29] both Gloria Jean's and the ACL now claim that the monies were provided as advertising.[30][31]

Hillsong Elders in Royal Commission[edit]

Recently in the Australian Royal Commission looking into claims of Child sexual abuse, it is alleged that pastor Frank Houston met with Nabi Saleh whom is an elder of the Hillsong church, to discuss payment of $10,000 at McDonalds Thornleigh NSW Australia. Mr Saleh is a Director of Gloria Jean's Coffees Australia and it has been mentioned in the report from the Royal commission that moneys were paid to Alleged pedophile Pastor Frank Houston, founder of the City Christian Life Centre which merged with the Hills Christian Life Centre to become Hillsong Church, died in 2004. Brian Houston (Frank Houstons' son) defended his response to the child abuse allegations against his father and denied that he deliberately tried to conceal his involvement in a $10,000 compensation payment to one victim. More can be here

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