Glory Road (album)

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Glory Road
Studio album by Gillan
Released October 1980
Recorded Kingsway Recorders, London, UK
April–May 1980
Genre Hard rock, heavy metal
Length 98:38
Label Virgin
Producer John McCoy
Paul "Chas" Watkins
Gillan chronology
Mr. Universe
Glory Road
Future Shock
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[1]

Glory Road is the third album by the British rock band Gillan, released in October 1980. The album reached No. 3 in the UK album charts.

Track summary[edit]

The US version of the album had a slightly different running order and included "Your Mother Was Right" instead of "Sleeping on the Job". The original UK album came with a free album called For Gillan Fans Only. "Unchain Your Brain" has been re-recorded, and released on Ian Gillan's 2006 release Gillan's Inn. A different version of "Trying to Get to You" can be heard on Gillan's album Cherkazoo and Other Stories.

Glory Road came as a limited edition double LP, and contained the free LP For Gillan Fans Only. When Glory Road was eventually released on CD, most of the For Gillan Fans Only material was included as bonus tracks. However, "Higher and Higher", "Egg Timer (Vice Versa)" and "Harry Lime Theme" failed to make it to CD until the 2CD 2007 Edsel remaster, which contains both the album and the whole of 'For Gillan Fans Only'. This latter release also has retrospective comments by Ian Gillan and the original artwork, plus pictures of various single picture-sleeves..

Track listing[edit]

Glory Road LP

Side 1

  1. "Unchain Your Brain" – 3:11
  2. "Are You Sure?" – 4:05
  3. "Time And Again" – 5:05
  4. "No Easy Way" – 6:34
  5. "Sleeping on the Job" – 3:11 (Ian Gillan, Colin Towns)

Side 2

  1. "On The Rocks" – 6:39 (Gillan, Towns)
  2. "If You Believe Me" – 7:33 (Ian Gillan, John McCoy, Bernie Tormé, Mick Underwood)
  3. "Running, White Face, City Boy" – 3:11 (Colin Towns)
  4. "Nervous" – 3:44 (Gillan, Towns)
For Gillan Fans Only LP

Side 1

  1. "Higher And Higher" – 3:42
  2. "Your Mother was Right" – 7:23 (Gillan, Towns)
  3. "Redwatch" – 3:42 (Bernie Tormé, Mick Underwood)
  4. "Abbey of Thelema" – 6:06 (Gillan, Towns)
  5. "Trying to Get to You" – 3:17 (Rose Marie McCoy, Charles Singleton)

Side 2

  1. "Come Tomorrow" 2:52 (John McCoy, Bernie Tormé)
  2. "Dragon's Tongue" 5:32 (Towns)
  3. "Post-Fade Brain Damage" 6:03
  4. "Egg Timer" (Vice Versa) 7:11 (Paul Samson, Thunderstick, Chris Aylmer, Bruce Bruce)
  5. "Harry Lime Theme" 9:27 (Karas)

1989 Re-release[edit]

In 1989 the album was released in CD format again on the Virgin label, with some tracks from For Gillan Fans Only.

  1. "Unchain Your Brain" – 3:11
  2. "Are You Sure?" – 4:05
  3. "Time And Again" – 5:05
  4. "No Easy Way" – 6:34
  5. "Sleeping on the Job" – 3:11
  6. "On The Rocks" – 6:39
  7. "If You Believe Me" – 7:33
  8. "Running, White Face, City Boy" – 3:11
  9. "Nervous" 3:44
  10. "Your Mother was Right" – 7:23
  11. "Redwatch" 3:42
  12. "Abbey of Thelema" – 6:06
  13. "Trying to Get to You" – 3:17
  14. "Come Tomorrow" 2:52
  15. "Dragon's Tongue" 5:32
  16. "Post-Fade Brain Damage" – 6:03
  • Total running time 78.23

2007 Rerelease[edit]

In 2007 the full 19-track double album was rereleased in two-CD format on the Edsel label. The For Gillan Fans Only CD has two bonus tracks:

  1. "Handles On Her Hips" (2.09) (Gillan/Tormé/McCoy)
  2. "I Might As Well Go Home (Mystic)" (2.19) (Gillan/Towns)


Sales accomplishments[edit]

Chart positions[edit]

Chart Year Peak
UK Albums Chart 1980 3

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