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Gloucester County Public Schools is a Virginia public school division serving Gloucester County, Virginia.

The school division operates nine schools: six elementary (grades K-5), two intermediate (grades 6-8), and one high school (grades 9-12). There have been numerous proposals for the school system to switch to year-round school like a few neighboring counties, but the board has rejected each proposal.

Elementary schools[edit]

In Gloucester county the six elementary schools start class at 8:00 am and end 3:30 pm. The six schools are as follows:

Abingdon (panthers),[1] Achilles (vikings),[2] Bethel (bears),[3] Botetourt (bulldogs),[4] and Petsworth (patriots).[5]

Unlike the middle and high schools, these schools give a group of around twenty students to a teacher for a whole school year.[6]

Middle schools[edit]

Gloucester county also has two middle schools that start at 7:45 am with homeroom and end at 2:30 pm. The schools' names are Peasley (lions), and Page (eagles).[7][8] In 2011, part of Page Middle School was destroyed by a tornado that passed through the area.[9][10] The 6th and 7th grades of Page were moved to Peasley the following school year while the 8th grade of Peasley and Page were moved to trailers located near the Gloucester High School campus. There are plans to rebuild Page.

High school[edit]

The county has one high school, simply called Gloucester High School (GHS). The school mascot is the former Duke of Gloucester, and school hours are 7:40 am to 2:40 pm.[11] Advanced classes are offered in language and mathematics. In mathematics, attendees can take courses two years before they are required, and in language, students can take "advanced language", which is at a higher level than their peers.[12]


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