Glue Gun (band)

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Glue Gun
Also known as Glü Gun
Origin Los Angeles
Genres Punk
Years active 1991–1997, 2005–2006, 2011–present
Labels Posh Boy (1993–1995)
Fearless (1995–1996)
Members Bob Oedy
Jeff Roberts
George Snow
John North
Jody Kern
Past members Chris Long
Pete Newbury
Jeff Edwards

Glue Gun (briefly known as Glü Gun) is an American punk rock band that formed in Los Angeles in 1991 by The Grim's Bob Oedy, who is the lead singer and only constant member as of the band's reunion. To date, the band has released two full-length studio albums. They split up in 1997, but reformed in 2005, broke up again in 2006 and then reformed for a second time in 2011.


Beginnings and Just Glü It[edit]

The band started in 1991 under the name Glue Gun after singer Bob Oedy's previous band project The Grim dissolved in 1989. Glue Gun made their first appearance on the "Welcome to Califucknia" compilation put out by Signal Sound Systems Records in 1992. Other members were Jeff Roberts (guitars), Chris Long (guitars), Pete Newbury (bass) and Jeff Edwards (drums) and signed a deal with Posh Boy Records. Posh Boy label owner Robbie Fields first came across the band when asked to check out another Posh Boy signing Das Klown at a small Hollywood club in 1993. Their debut album had already been recorded and was prepped for self-release when Fields urged the band to allow Posh Boy to step in and re-package the material for commercial release. At the same time, Fields recommended to the band the alternative spelling of Glü Gun, to avoid confusion with a different New Jersey band calling themselves Glue Gun who had already asserted their claim to the name. The album was re-sequenced and eventually released under the title Just Glü It in 1994; the album was only moderately successful. Soon after, the band reverted to using the original Glue Gun spelling.

The Scene Is Not for Sale and break up[edit]

By the end of 1994, Glue Gun regrouped and added three new band members: George Snow on guitars, John North on bass and Jody Kern on drums. Oedy and Roberts were the only two remaining members at the time. They released their second album The Scene Is Not for Sale in 1995. Although The Scene Is Not for Sale was not as successful as Just Glü It, it has been regarded by some critics as minor classic, but during its release the album received good reviews. Before their next album could be recorded, Glue Gun called it quits around 1997.

Reunion and recent activities[edit]

In 2005, Oedy reformed Glue Gun and recruited three Jughead's Revenge members Joey Rimicci (guitars), Brian Priess (bass) and Andy Alverez (drums), for what Bob would call the DREAM TEAM of punk rock, the best Glue Gun Line up ever. The band demoed ten new songs for a new album, which remains unreleased as of October 2013. In May 2006, the band posted two new songs for the upcoming release, "Plastic Bomb" (a cover of Poison Idea) and "Shadow Government", on Myspace.

The band also played two concerts in July 2006 at Harpers and the Venice Community Center, which was their first performance in ten years, and one on October 29, 2006 at the CIA in North Hollywood, California. The shows brought old fans out of the woodwork and were very successful. This also marked the first live performance for the ex Jugheads members since their breakup in 2001. After these live shows, Glue Gun parted ways again while the members continued work on their own projects.

Glue Gun announced another reunion in February 2011, this time with the Scene Is Not for Sale lineup.[1] The band has been playing shows periodically since then, mostly in Southern California. They also have new material in the works.


Year Band Recordings
Vocalist Guitarist Bassist Drummer
1991–1994 Bob Oedy Jeff Roberts,
Chris Long
Pete Newbury Jeff Edwards Just Glü It
1994–1997 Bob Oedy Jeff Roberts John North Jody Kern The Scene Is Not for Sale
1997–2005 SPLIT
2005–2006 Bob Oedy Joey Rimicci Brian Priess Andy Alverez Unreleased single.Feat Plastic Bomb and Shadow Gov't
2006–2011 SPLIT
2011–2013 Bob Jeff,
John Jody
2013–present[2] Bob Kile,
John Jody


Year Title Label Format Other information
1992 Welcome to Califucknia Signal Sound Systems Records CD/Cassette
  • Eva's Got a Mohawk
  • Out of print as of now.
1994 Just Glü It Posh Boy CD
  • Debut album
  • Out of print as of now.
1995 The Scene Is Not for Sale Fearless CD/LP
  • Out of print as of now.
  • Final album before disbanding.
TBA Untitled third album TBA TBA
  • First album since reuniting.


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