Glyn Dillon

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Glyn Dillon
Born 1971
Nationality British
Area(s) artist, writer
Notable works
The Nao of Brown
Awards Special Jury Prize, Angoulême International Comics Festival, 2013

Glyn Dillon, born in 1971,[1] is a British comics and storyboard artist, best known for his 2012 graphic novel The Nao of Brown.

His father was a signwriter; his older brother Steve is also a comics artist.[2] He got his first job in comics at the age of 17, and worked in comics for seven years,[3] drawing "Planet Swerve", a strip about "art students in space" written by Alan Martin, for Deadline, and work for DC Comics' Vertigo imprint, including the miniseries Egypt with writer Peter Milligan[2] and Shade, the Changing Man with the same writer.[1] He drew part of the "The Kindly Ones" story arc in Neil Gaiman's The Sandman series.[4][5]

In the mid-1990s he left comics[2] and worked in film in television, primarily as a storyboard and concept artist,[1] as well as a period directing music promos for Ridley Scott's RSA Films.[citation needed] He shared a studio in London with Jamie Hewlett, and did some work on Hewlett's Gorillaz music and animation project.[2] In 2007 a gallery of his work appeared in the comic art magazine Swallow, and he began work on his graphic novel, The Nao of Brown. The story of a young woman with Primarily Obsessional OCD, it was published by SelfMadeHero in 2012[2] and won the Special Jury Prize at the Angoulême International Comics Festival in 2013.[6] He has also worked in illustration and toy design.[1]




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