Gnaeus Pompeius (consul 31 BC)

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Gnaeus Pompeius (Rufus) (died AD 14) was suffect consul in 31 BC, during the transitional period when Octavian, the future Augustus, was consolidating his powers as princeps.

A member of the plebeian gens Pompeia, he may have been one of the Pompeii Rufi, the son of Quintus Pompeius Rufus, and therefore the great-grandson of the dictator Sulla.[1]

A senator, Gnaeus Pompeius was appointed suffect consul to replace Marcus Titius, and he held the office from October 1 through to December 31, 31 BC.[2] Gnaeus Pompeius was also one of the Quindecimviri sacris faciundis, a priestly college, to which belonged until his death in AD 14.[3]

Political offices
Preceded by
Marcus Titius
Suffect consul of the Roman Republic
31 BC
with Augustus III
Succeeded by
Augustus IV and Marcus Licinius Crassus



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