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Not to be confused with Gnocchi. ‹See Tfd›
Stable release 0.6.30 / January 27, 2011 (2011-01-27)
Development status Active
Operating system Cross-platform
License GNU GPL

Gnokii is a suite of programs for communicating with mobile phones. It was initially only available for Nokia mobile phones, but later extended to support others. It is available for GNU/Linux, BSD unix, Windows, and Mac OS X and as source code.

Gnokii itself is a console tool, but it is used by several GUIs to communicate with phones; for example: Xgnokii,[1] Gnocky, and Gnome Phone Manager all use Gnokii internally.

It is licensed using the GNU GPL.


  • Use to Activate Nokia network monitor
  • Supports sending SMS (with delivery report), picture messages, can send/receive ring tones (as SMS)
  • Phonebook
  • Dial/Receive calls
  • Calendar

Can connect using serial/USB cables, infrared, Bluetooth.

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