Go! With The Times

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Go! With The Times
Studio album by The Times
Released 1985
Recorded 1980
Genre Post punk, Indie
Label Pastell Records - Pow 3
The Times chronology
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Go! With The Times
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Go! With The Times is an album recorded in November 1980 but released in 1985 by West London Post punk and Indie band The Times.[1]

Track listing[edit]

Side A

  1. You Can Get It
  2. I'm With You
  3. Your Generation
  4. Pinstripes
  5. Dressing Up For The Cameras
  6. Red With Purple Flashes

Side B

  1. The Jokes On Zandra
  2. Nowhere To Run
  3. No Hard Feelings
  4. My Andy Warhol Poster
  5. Man From Uncle
  6. Reflections In An Imperfect Mirror


  • John East (bass, vocals)
  • Paul Damien (drums, vocals)
  • Edward Ball (vocals, guitar)