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GoMobo Takeout
Type Private
Industry Internet, Mobile, Restaurants
Founded New York, NY
(June 2005)
Headquarters New York, NY
Key people Noah Glass, Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Website www.gomobo.com

GoMobo is a mobile and online food ordering platform that allows customers to order food from online menus. The consumer-facing service includes the GoMobo.com Internet restaurant directory, the GoMobo.mobi mobile restaurant directory, and the GoMobo Food Finder iPhone application,

The company was founded in 2005 by entrepreneur Noah Glass.[1] The service allows customers to order and pay ahead over the Internet or through a mobile phone, so that they can "Skip the Line" at quick-serve restaurants (QSR’s) and casual-dining restaurants (CDR's) across the United States.[2] In 2009, New York Magazine referred to GoMobo as "Fandango for Food."[3] GoMobo launched in New York City in 2006 and has since expanded to over 20 cities across the nation.[4]

GoMobo major restaurant clients[edit]

GoMobo is a service provider to restaurants that want to add remote ordering capabilities to their existing restaurant websites. Clients include Boloco, Burger King, Cold Stone Creamery, Dallas BBQ, Five Guys, and Subway.

Do-It-Yourself Online Ordering[edit]

GoMobo also works with hundreds of independent restaurants,[5] providing them with self-service management tools that make it easy to add remote ordering services to their existing restaurant websites. Using the GoMobo Self-Signup tool, restaurant owners and managers can sign up their restaurants online, manage store info, website design, online menus, and delivery settings, and pull chain-level, region-level, or store-level reports on sales, products, and users.[6]

OLO The Takeout Order Receiver[edit]

In early 2010, GoMobo launched a standalone hardware device called “OLO” (a restaurant industry acronym for On-Line Ordering), which allows restaurants who lack Internet access or an advanced point-of-sale system to make use of the GoMobo remote ordering platform.[7] When customers place orders online or from their mobile phone, GoMobo transmits the orders to the restaurants’ OLO device, which buzzes and sounds a siren to notify the restaurant crew that the order has arrived. OLO 1.0 makes use of the Peek Pronto hardware device and service by Peek and launched with 100 restaurants in Southern California and Las Vegas.[8]

GoMobo Mobile Services[edit]

GoMobo was the first US online ordering company to release text message ordering capabilities in 2005.[9] Today, GoMobo works with restaurants to create mobile applications for the Android, Blackberry, and iPhone.[10] GoMobo also creates mobile-optimized mobile ordering websites, that allow customers to place orders with faster page load times and fewer clicks and keystrokes.

GoMobo Executives[edit]

  • David Fellows, Vice President, Product Development[11]
  • Noah Herbert Glass, Founder and Chief Executive Officer[12]
  • Andrew Murray, Systems Architect and Vice President, Engineering[13]
  • Evan Sanchez, Vice President, Client Services[14]

GoMobo Investors[edit]

GoMobo Board of Directors[edit]

GoMobo Advisory Board[edit]

  • Terry Addington, CTIA Former Chairman
  • Aubrey Balkind, Frankfurt-Balkind Former CEO
  • Greg Barton, Menupages.com Founder
  • Joe Cugine, PepsiCo Foodservice Former Chief Customer Officer
  • Des Docherty, VISA Cross Product Senior Business Leader
  • Dr. Chris Howard, Hampden-Sydney College President
  • Jim Melvin, Intelligent Transactions, LLC CEO


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