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Industry Computer software
Founded April 2013
Headquarters San Francisco
Palo Alto, California

Pivotal Software, Inc. (Pivotal) is a software company based in San Francisco, California that provides software and services for the development of custom applications for data and analytics based on cloud computing technology. Pivotal Software is a spin-out and joint venture of EMC Corporation and VMware that combined software products, employees, and lines of businesses from the two parent companies including Greenplum, Cloud Foundry, Spring, Cetas, Pivotal Labs, GemFire and other products from the VMware vFabric Suite).


In July 2012 a GigaOM blog entry speculated on a possible spin out of VMware and EMC that would consolidate some of their cloud computing projects into a new division.[1] The companies confirmed speculation in December of the same year, announcing the initiative with existing technology, people and programs from both companies focused on big data and cloud application platforms under one organization.[2] On April 1, 2013, The New York Times reported that Pivotal was "official" and positioned as a competitor to Amazon Web Services.[3]

At an official event held on April 24, 2013, the organization announced both a $105 million investment from General Electric and its PaaS offering, Pivotal One, a cloud-enabled application platform for private cloud initiatives and public cloud providers.[4][5]

Paul Maritz became Pivotal's chief executive officer.[5] Maritz joined EMC in February 2008 when Pi Corporation, a company he co-founded, was acquired.[6][7] In October 2013 Pivotal acquired consulting firm Xtreme Labs for an estimated $65 million.[8]


Pivotal products combine application, data, and analytics software.

Application software[edit]

  • Pivotal tc Server - an enterprise Tomcat Application server that runs Java Spring applications
  • Pivotal Web Server - HTTP server and load-balancing component that increases web tiers performance, scalability and security while reducing deployment times and complexity.
  • Pivotal RabbitMQ - inter-system messaging software for modern applications
  • Spring Framework - provides a range of capabilities for creating all Java application types, including enterprise Java, rich Web and enterprise integration.
  • vFabric Suite - a runtime platform for Spring enterprise Java applications


  • Pivotal HD - a commercial Apache Hadoop distribution enhanced to support enterprise Big Data analytics and is the industry’s first native massively parallel processing (MPP) SQL database that connects to Hadoop.
  • Pivotal Greenplum Database - a shared-nothing, MPP architecture designed for business intelligence and analytical processing.
  • Pivotal DCA - a physical appliance built to integrate structured data, unstructured data, and Pivotal partner applications.[9]
  • Pivotal GemFire - an in memory data grid that enables real-time data distribution, data replication, caching and data management using a non-relational key-value store, to allow storage of data for client applications.
  • Pivotal SQLFire - memory-oriented data management software delivering application data at runtime with horizontal scale and lightning-fast performance while providing developers with the well-known SQL interface and tools.
  • Pivotal Performance and Monitoring - ensures optimal quality of service for critical enterprise applications by delivering real-time control of database transaction performance, including information about overall CPU and I/O consumption to the query level.
  • Pivotal Data Dispatch - a solution delivered in association with the NYSE to enable analysts to discover and analyse data more quickly.


  • Pivotal Analytics - a consumer-grade, analytics platform for enterprises, built to deliver actionable intelligent insights into key trends and patterns held within today’s big data streams. Delivered as a platform on top of PivotalHD
  • Pivotal Chorus - an analytic productivity platform that enables the team to search, explore, visualize, and import data from anywhere in the organization
  • "MADlib" - an open-source library for scalable in-database analytics that provides data parallel implementations of mathematical, statistical and machine-learning methods for structured and unstructured data
  • Pivotal GPText - process mass quantities of raw text data (such as social media feeds or e-mail databases) into mission-critical information. GPText joins the Pivotal Greenplum Database massively parallel-processing database server with Apache Solr enterprise search and the MADlib Analytics Library to provide large-scale analytics processing and business decision support.

Cloud Foundry[edit]

  • Pivotal CF - Next-Gen PaaS Platform on the private cloud with leading application and data services. With Pivotal CF, you can configure, control, monitor and update a dedicated cloud platform.


  • Pivotal Labs - developer of the agile project management tool, Pivotal Tracker. Expertise in three competencies to delivering software: design, development, and product management.
  • Pivotal Data Science Labs - a data science consultation service provided by Pivotal’s team of data scientists[10]

Open source software[edit]

Pivotal employs committers, project leads and contributors to open source software projects and community initiatives. Open source initiatives sponsored and led by Pivotal are:[11]



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