Go Away White

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Go Away White
Studio album by Bauhaus
Released 3 March 2008
Recorded 2006 at Zircon Skye, Ojai, California
Genre Post-punk, gothic rock
Length 48:54
Label Bauhaus Music, Cooking Vinyl
Producer Bauhaus
Bauhaus chronology
Burning from the Inside
Go Away White

Go Away White is the fifth and final studio album by English rock band Bauhaus. Released on 3 March 2008, it is the band's first album of new material since 1983. Shortly after the release, the band announced this would be their final record and the end of the band, and that there would be no tour to support the album.


Go Away White was recorded in 2006 in 18 days at Zircon Skye in Ojai, California. The band played together in one room, taking first takes as final cuts. Drummer Kevin Haskins said in an interview that they "were getting along really well, but there was an incident that occurred". As a result, "some of us just felt that we didn't want to carry on as a working unit". No details on the incident were given.[1]

Bassist David J later described the incident as "a big fight in the studio. We weren't going to carry on, and we were just going to dump the album. We were waiting for Peter [Murphy] to turn up. Our beef was with him. So he comes in, and he does this shocking and brilliant thing. Pure zen. He comes in, and he just spits rose petals in our faces. It just cut through everything. We couldn't argue with that. So we just went in and continued recording."[2]

Peter Murphy described the album as "spontaneous", and while it doesn't sound much like what they did in the past, it has some "positives" and "playfulness" to it.[3]

Cover art[edit]

The front cover is a photo by Dominique Duplaa of the Bethesda Terrace, called "Bethesda, Angel of the Healing Waters".[4]

Critical reception[edit]

Professional ratings
Aggregate scores
Source Rating
Metacritic 68/100[5]
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[6]
Drowned in Sound (6/10)[7]
Entertainment Weekly (C+)[8]
Filter 4/5 stars[9]
Mojo 3/5 stars[10]
Pitchfork (7.5/10)[11]
Q 2/5 stars[12]
Rolling Stone 3/5 stars[13]
Spin (7/10)[14]
Uncut 3/5 stars[15]

Allmusic gave the album four out of five stars, writing "perhaps the best and most surprising thing about Go Away White is that it doesn't resemble Burning from the Inside or any other Bauhaus album — rather than trying to recapture the past, the four members sought to meet in the middle where they had ended up, at least in part".[6] Pitchfork called it an "impressive and surprisingly true-to-form swan song".[11] The A.V. Club gave the album an A- rating and wrote, "While many cult bands can't make a dignified comeback to save their lives, the raw, slithering, true-to-its-roots Go Away White is more than a swansong. It's a minor masterpiece that proves Bauhaus has been nicely preserved."[16]

On the other hand, Drowned in Sound wrote, "There's indisputable evidence that the sonic territory they forged was vital at the time and has remained influential, but in the year 2007 we have gatekeepers to dramatic, fearless rock twice as vital. Nick Cave, for one, cannot be killed. Antony (minus his Johnsons) is even hip enough to get electro loan deals. Bauhaus are a stone mausoleum by comparison, standing stately, but of another time."[7] Under the Radar wrote, "It's disappointing that this epilogue couldn't have been crafted with more care."[17]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and composed by Daniel Ash, David J, Kevin Haskins, and Peter Murphy

No. Title Length
1. "Too Much 21st Century"   3:53
2. "Adrenalin"   5:39
3. "Undone"   4:46
4. "International Bulletproof Talent"   4:02
5. "Endless Summer of the Damned"   4:44
6. "Saved"   6:27
7. "Mirror Remains"   4:58
8. "Black Stone Heart"   4:32
9. "The Dog's a Vapour"   6:49
10. "Zikir"   3:04
iTunes bonus live concert footage tracks
No. Title Length
1. "Bela Lugosi's Dead" (from Coachella Festival 2005)  
2. "Dark Entries" (from Coachella Festival 2005)  



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