Bình An massacre

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Bình An massacre
Location Gò Dài hamlet, Binh An village (today xã Tây Vinh) in Tây Sơn District of Bình Định Province, South Vietnam
Date 26 February 1966
Target Binh An villagers
Attack type
Deaths 380[1][2]
Perpetrators ROK Capital Division

The Bình An massacre[3] was a massacre conducted by the ROK Capital Division of the South Korean Army on 26 February 1966 of unarmed citizens in Gò Dài hamlet, and other places in what was then Bình An commune, today known as xã Tây Vinh, Tây Sơn District of Bình Định Province in South Vietnam.[1] The Capital Division troops killed 380 villagers within an hour.[1][2]

After the war, the Gò Dài Memorial Tower for the victims was built in the village.[4] The victims' names are listed on the stone monument.[4]

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