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Go Fish
Genres CCM, children's
Years active 1998–present
Labels Ross, Inpop, GFK
Website www.gofishguys.com
  • Jamie Statema
  • Jason Folkmann
  • Steve Goold
  • Jeremy Sanoski
  • Aaron Fabrini

Go Fish is an American contemporary Christian band, originally formed in 1993 by Jamie Statema and based in Minnesota. For 10 years their music was geared primarily to a teen and adult market, until 2003 when they released Splash!, an album aimed towards children. Since then Go Fish has released several more children's products.


  • Jamie Statema
  • Jason Folkmann
  • Steve Goold
  • Jeremy Sanoski
  • Aaron Fabrini

Former Members[edit]

  • Andy Selness
  • Paul Burmeister
  • Jarred Dove
  • Eric Spickelmier


In May 2007 Focus on the Family's children's magazine, Clubhouse Jr, featured Go Fish on their cover. The same year, Go Fish launched a weekly radio called Go Fish Kids Radio.[citation needed]

Go Fish have release curriculum for Vacation Bible Schools in several years. "Backstage with the Bible" in 2009,[citation needed] "Kickin' it Old School" in 2010,[citation needed] "Praise" in 2012,[1][2] and "Gotta Move" in 2013.[citation needed]


  • Out of Breath (1997, Ross Records; Acappella)
  • Acappella (1998, Ross Records; Acappella)
  • Part of the Proof (1999, Ross Records; Acappella)
  • More Than a Story (1999, Christmas; re-released 2001 under Inpop Records)
  • Live: Created for this (2000, Ross Records)
  • Infectious (August 1, 2001, Inpop Records)
  • Parade (January 7, 2002, Inpop Records)
  • Splash (2003, under the Go Fish Kids label [GFK])
  • Superstar (2004, GFK)
  • Snooze (2005, GFK)
  • Showtime (2005, GFK)
  • Snow (2006, GFK)
  • Snazzy (October 2007, GFK)
  • Party Like a Preschooler (2008, GFK)
  • Kickin' It Old School (August 2010, GFK)
  • Christmas with a Capital "C" (2010, GFK)
  • The Best of Go Fish Kids (Summer 2011, GFK)
  • Kids Music (2012, GFK)

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