Go Lala Go!

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Go Lala Go!
Chinese film poster
Directed by Xu Jinglei
Produced by Han Sanping
Jiang Tao
Zhang Yibai
Han Xiaoli
Dan Mintz
Shi Dongming
Wu Bing
Zhao Haicheng
Written by Xu Jinglei
Wang Yun
Zhao Meng
Starring Xu Jinglei
Karen Mok
Stanley Huang
Pace Wu
Li Ai
Alice Wang
Music by Zhang Yadong
An Wei
Cinematography Jiang Liwei
Edited by Zhang Jia
Distributed by China Film Group Corporation
Release dates
  • 15 April 2010 (2010-04-15)
Running time
100 Minutes
Country China
Language Mandarin
Box office 124,530,000 yuan

Go Lala Go! (simplified Chinese: 杜拉拉升职记; traditional Chinese: 杜拉拉陞職記; pinyin: Dù Lālā shēngzhí jì; literally: "Du Lala's promotion") is a 2010 Chinese romantic comedy film about a Chinese woman who learns how to balance a relationship and professional work in a work place. It is directed by Xu Jinglei, who also plays the titular character, and is based on a novel, Du Lala's Promotion, by Li Ke. The film also stars Stanley Huang and Karen Mok.

Go Lala Go! was released to Mainland Chinese audiences on April 15, 2010, where it competed for ticket sales with the American remake, Clash of the Titans.[1]

After the success of "Go Lala Go!", Xu Jinglei directed another film Dear Enemy and co-starred with Stanley Huang again. The film is said to be like an updated and improved version of "Go Lala Go!"[2]

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