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This is a Korean name; the family name is Go.
Go Soo-hee
Born (1976-07-18) July 18, 1976 (age 38)
South Korea
Education Daegu Junior College
Occupation Actress
Korean name
Hangul 고수희
Hanja 高水熙
Revised Romanization Go Su-hui
McCune–Reischauer Ko Suhŭi

Go Soo-hee (born July 18, 1976) is a South Korean actress of both television and film.[1]



Year English Title Korean Title Role
2000 Barking Dogs Never Bite 플란다스의 개 Yoon Jang-mi/Fatso
2001 Amaranth (short film) 아마란스 (야생의 잠) Obese woman
2002 R U Ready? 아 유 레디? Big Mom
Four-letter Words 사자성어 Soo-hee
2004 Influenza (short film) 인플루엔자 Woman
2005 The Red Shoes 분홍신 Kim Mi-hee
Sympathy for Lady Vengeance 친절한 금자씨 Ma-nyeo ("Witch")
You Are My Sunshine 너는 내 운명 Hwang Yu-sun
2006 The Host 괴물 Hostage nurse
No Mercy for the Rude 예의없는 것들 Hiccup
Swellfish (short film) 상징적 그녀 Soo-hee
2007 Voice of a Murderer 그놈 목소리 Cha Soo-hee
Beyond the Years 천년학 Yong-taek's wife
2008 Heartbreak Library 그 남자의 책 198쪽 Professor Paeng
2009 The Sword with No Name 불꽃처럼 나비처럼 So-hee
Just Friends? (short film) 친구 사이? Restaurant owner
2010 Sweet (short film) 맛있는 상상
2011 Sunny 써니 Kim Jang-mi
Themselves 바다 Soo-hee
2012 Sex, Lies, and Videotape 섹스 거짓말 그리고 비디오 테이프 Sister-in-law
Jade Sorrow (short film)[2] 옥빛 슬픔
2014 Tazza: The Hidden Card 타짜: 신의 손 Madame Song

Television series[edit]

Year English Title Korean Title Role
1998 I Want to Keep Seeing You 자꾸만 보고 싶네 Han Mi-hyang
2001 Lovers 연인들
2009 Ja Myung Go 자명고 Mo Yang-hye
No Limit 맨땅에 헤딩 Heo Sook-hee
2010 Harvest Villa 위기일발 풍년빌라 Kim Choo-ja
The Miracle of Love 사랑의 기적 Eun-sook
2012 God of War 무신 Nanjang of Tobang kitchen
Fashion King 패션왕 Employee at
Kang Young-gul's factory
Big Lee Kyung-mi
To the Beautiful You 아름다운 그대에게 Woman in school cafeteria
(cameo, episode 2)
Maybe Love 사랑했나봐
2013 Queen of the Office 직장의 신 Choi Da-sung
Adolescence Medley 사춘기 메들리 Choi Jung-woo's mother
2015 Angry Mom 앵그리맘

Variety show[edit]

Year English Title Korean Title Role
2013 Talk Club Actors[3] 토크클럽 배우들 Co-host


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