Goal Line Blitz

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Goal Line Blitz
Goal Line Blitz.png
Developer(s) Bort and DigitalDaggers (Peter and Jesse)
Release date(s) March 16, 2008
Genre(s) Sports MMORPG
Mode(s) Multiplayer
Distribution Web interface(Text Based)

Goal Line Blitz is a browser-based, American football massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). Goal Line Blitz was created by Peter and Jesse, known in-game as Bort and DigitalDaggers, respectively.

Goal Line Blitz allows users to open a free account and become the agent for players that they create. When creating players, the agents are able to customize those players by choosing their first and last names, positions, physical attributes and player types. After players have been created, the agent is then able to add equipment, accept contract offers for their players, direct their player's training, and increase player's abilities by adding skill points. Agents are also able to own teams and/or serve as managers, coordinators, scouts or recruiters for teams owned by others.

Registration process[edit]

User registration requires a chosen username, valid email address and password. Up to three different people can create their own accounts from the same IP address but one person running multiple accounts is not allowed.

Flex Points[edit]

Flex Points (FP) are used to buy teams, schedule games against other teams, create players, elevate the level of players (boosting), and purchase custom equipment. Users are given 400 free Flex Points with registration, and may purchase more at any time. Flex Points are sold in packages at a rate of $US1 per 100 Flex Points, although an increasing discount rate is applied as the purchase size increases. Creating a player, or boosting a player one level, costs between 100 and 300 Flex Points depending on position (the cost of a 1 level boost is the same as the original cost of creating the player). Agents receive a refund of Flex Points when they decide to have their player(s) retire. Retirement yields a 100% of the Flex Points used to create a player, plus 70% of the FP used to increase a player's level (boost), and 70% of the FP used to purchase custom equipment.

Reward Points[edit]

Reward Points are a secondary type of currency used in Goal Line Blitz. These are like flex points, but are non-refundable upon the retirement of players. They cannot be used to purchase teams, or to extend team ownership, but team owners may use these to schedule scrimmage (or “friendly”) games. On occasion, free “Reward Points are distributed to each active user. This normally happens during holidays, special occasions, or at the end of a season. Reward points are typically only given to active accounts.


Most users begin by creating their own virtual players, represented by customizable avatars. Players can specialize in one of sixteen American football positions, such as quarterback or linebacker. Once created, a user (represented in-game as an "agent") can sign their virtual football player to a team, buy/create/improve the player's equipment, set the player's skill/attribute training, and adjust the player's tactics for a game. Each player has several basic physical attributes (such as speed and strength) and football skills (such as tackling and catching), as well as special ability trees unique to their positions, that they can choose to develop. Players earn experience points through playing time and training. Once a player has gained enough experience points, he will gain a level. Each level gives the player more Skill Points to assign to his attributes and abilities. A player's level can also be increased by "Boosting" with Flex Points, up to three levels, per player, per season. Players receive Training Points each day, which can be used to progress training percentage bars for each attribute; when a bar reaches 100% the selected attribute will go up by 1 full point. Daily training can be “Intense”, “Normal” or “Light”, depending on the wishes of the agent. The higher the training intensity, the more progress a player's training bar will make. However, there are more “Bonus Tokens” awarded for lighter training. These bonus tokens can then be used for various things, such as purchasing equipment, upgrading a player's training, adding special abilities, etc. There are also 'free players' you can make. These players require no flex points to make, and the player gets 3 free boosts every season. However, the player must be in high demand.

Team owner[edit]

Owners manage several aspects of a team. They set ticket and concession prices, improve and construct the team's stadium, build the roster, and set game-to-game tactics, with the ultimate goal of winning a league championship. An owner can also appoint other users as General Managers and grant them certain abilities, normally reserved for the team owner, in order to assist with the running and maintenance of the team. Among these are the ability to set the team's depth chart, change tactics, offer contracts to players, make trades, etc.

The ownership experience is very in-depth and there are even different levels available depending on how deep an owner wants to go. The Casual Leagues allow for owners to have some control but do not require as much planning or strategy as the Full Leagues which allow owners to control almost every aspect of their team both on and off the field. This tiered level of ownership allows for people of all ability levels to enjoy the game on their own terms.

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